Pointed Lessons

the abstract tapestry of thought and emotion
sifting through memories
persisting beyond the toll of midnight

a surreality poignance fraught
amidst your fabled absence

through context into lucid light
those wayward flecks take flight

seeing now
the urgency defining bated breath

hindsight is a bird unbounded
heaven’s haste begets unheeding

by the merit of its taste
left on the tongue in lingering

how is it that voices lacking tangible disclosure
visibly vociferate through vales
our verities unseen

only to be vetted in the aftermath
of fate’s denouement

moments later, vested virtues
forsaken anew

by the nighest conscious duress
of my conscience’s affording

i will honor your bestowing
in the bastion of my breast

pray not let these pointed lessons fall
when life resumes its pique

[image credit: Edouard Goerg]

3 Replies to “Pointed Lessons”

  1. The first three sentences – my thoughts and emotions seem to be stronger than the people around me who hide behind, “How are you doing today?” “Fine”, you answer – but you aren’t. You don’t answer honestly because you know they really don’t want to know what is wrong. It causes problems because I really tell them what I think and feel because i am compelled to answer with the truth. Those emotions are what allows me to improvise the piano pieces I record. It allows me to write the poetry I do, and the letters I write that some people hate to receive because they aren’t interested in the truth. They only want to hear what you think about the weather. They don’t want to know who you really are.


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