Ardent Implore

candy-coated hand grenade
i beg thee, sate mine open mouth
death befit so much the sweeter
fantasy of furrowed brow

what more couldst heathen hearts desire
no fate to stretch beyond thoughts trenchant
unequivocal release
serene as languor soon relents

in the lithium soaked limelight
breaths disperse with freedom found
gone are eyes that wouldst deceive us
crooked Eden’s curse now stayed

loathsome gift of life escaping
take me in thy loving arms
adorn mine head with blackened halo
Helios, pray heal this husk

hazard i with ardent implore
nigh to taste the faceless hour
dusk awash with sordid wallow
fill this hollow hope with nihil

[image credit: František Kobliha]


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