this one goes out
to the loyal believers
in those of us
prone to fall
from the earth’s face

without the support
and forethought they bequeath us
our will to go on
would diminish
post haste

and though we may not always
properly thank them
in ways that would truly
convey how we feel

our unending gratitude
stays with us always
regardless of whether or not
it’s revealed

for even the smallest of gestures remain
a part of the tapestry
weaved by such memories

mitigating the duress of each day
and giving us comfort
within life’s infirmary

kitten primer

if, by chance, you come across
a docile kitten, quaint and cute

be well aware, for underneath
there lies a hidden, hardened brute

where any motion you might make
could warrant your evisceration

solely by the merit
of an instinctual inclination

sure, they’re fluffy and aloof
most wonted to ignore your presence

dare not presume, like a doofus
they won’t smite you straight to heaven

those teeth might seem small and harmless
but they bear a razor’s edge

the consequence which might result
is not a bet that one should hedge

not to mention, kittens possess claws
of legendary sharpness

one false step, and you’ll wind up a charm
on grandma’s jeweled escarpment

artfully they will give chase
to flailing limbs left unattended

ankles, elbows, knees, and toes
will face a wrath not to be mended

dangling appendages will rightly face
a roughshod mangling

i advise you not to leave
your naughty-bits exposed and hanging

kittens pounce from every angle
none have yet to telegraph

and any fool who thinks they’re able
fails to comprehend the math

you plus kitten equals
an humiliated human-being

subdivided by the shame
of fates which should have been foreseen

so keep your flitting fingers to yourself
lest ye be masticated

try your best to adore kittens
whence ye can safely evade them

[image credit: Louis Wain]

frigid earth

savor every second

for time strays
like a wastrel’s whim

vying for remembrance
by the rebel heart

and nothing

can it be foreseen
save for scenes
in dreams forgone

for there i saw you
as you were

through the amber’s veil

i looked
and then, i loved you

by the looming void

where heaven
seemed to hover

as to taunt
what fragile depth
was nigh

in the midst
of wretched martyrs

arms outstretched

would meet
a frigid earth

awaiting us

what did belie

modern dangers

get the fuck out of here!

pray tell
what dangers must you mean?

my avarice spurred
en vogue
vexed accessory
of super sexy
existential vacuuming

is low on space?


call the cops!

and shield the youngsters
from such horrors!


i c


what will the neighbors think?

                O. M. G.

please, don’t tell me
they were notified
as well…

the danger
has proved poignantly

wakeless hours

last night
i had an awkward dream

i watched
from the periphery

a billion colors
juxtaposed the emptiness

flashing neon lights
composed a symphony
of silly scenes

i watched me
navigate through nothingness

what hazard
could i not foresee

every garish word
a symbol

in its reverie

the joyous jubilation
which exuded
from my jury

was enough
for one to witness

without warranting
a welcome home

i stood
a watcher


to succumb to torment

what lay dormant
in those wakeless hours

i will
not ever know