lone self

every realm bears upon me
its own distinct essence

through past
into present

i perish

the unending blessing
that renders me human

is home to the cherished

were i to recall
what was wrought from felled skies

through the lens of this living aberrance

the fabric of time
would begin to unwind

and the lone self that binds me
would vanish

days disrupted

the days

rapt inside
the erstwhile pulse

whence we arose

such consciousness

a precious efflorescing

since diminsihed.

circumstance would spurn thy youth

amid fires treacherous

to find the way
back to that haunted home

was never understood.

to the underworld

with eyes wide open

wits awry,

a newfound war
always awaiting.

of a faded state

whose silence did obscure its wrath.

to a coil’s collapse

when crimson cries
were heard

by none

the arbor

where the argent gentrified the sun

stoic stead
of readied armor

now retired
of static wrest.

among thy fallen brethren

’til we yet meet

charred earth

there in the midst
was our innocence

awaiting its own devolution

standing by
through the eyes of remorse

we sunk into the peppered sand

and wondered

when our hands would relent

but the day was then spent

our intentions unseen

and the sun stirred
into the horizon

when this charred earth
did bless his farewell