not willfully

i claim no aim
to torture thee

my purpose airs a fleetingness
inherent to expression

ere hashtag-eras “#woeisme”
scant denizens dared
brave the streets

to heed the beckon
of echoes reflected
folding inward

the audience, oft none (plus one)
stayed reticent
shed naught but time

the rigmarole
of rhymes once wrought

to speak the spells
we’d solely sought

to soothe our souls
come Sunday’s sorrow

in the eyes of Eden

pray forgive this poem

for it forever holds this moment


what’s the deal with nosy neighbors
peeping-toms, and psychopaths?

what crime have we committed
to beget their neverending wrath?

well, of course, aside from looking über-sexy in a thong
but that’s on them for spying
for you see, we have done nothing wrong

is their daily routine so bereft of things that they might do
to occupy their idle hands and bid the devil’s plans adieu?

or is it far more likely
that the truth is of a darker nature

huddled in their chambers scrawling litanies neath dwindling tapers

summoning presumptions amid scenes of sordid ceremony

passively aggressing their egregious errs of sanctimony

leaving one to shudder when imagining their true intentions

manifested by the impetus
of grave misapprehension

always is their ire aware
conspiring to construct illusions

culled from inane ennui
and hyperbole of such minutiae

on the hour
up to the minute
these jerk’s resolve will not diminish

diligent recalcitrants oblivious to their own menace

growing more contemptuous with every peal of pompous laughter

pushing past the precipice
that separates the here and after

verily reducing us
to fodder for their vapid prattle
casting grand aspersions with an ardor apt for epic battle

be it in the shower singing,
bathing naked ‘low the sun,
practicing new pole maneuvers,
pumping iron with glistened buns

it’s okay, we understand
they just can’t help but be insipid

static in their lack of life
resenting those of us who live it

how pathetic can one be
to spend their time defaming others

funny, that despite their claims
it’s their minds skulking in the gutter

let’s be honest
what is “hate”
but fervid love thought unrequited

if you love us, let it show
there ain’t no point in tryna hide it!

oh hells no

who in the fuck are these rambunctious people?

why must they bellow such burdensome breath?

like dragons
disrupting this deepest of sopor

within my darkened den of ursine affect

if only i had a long rope
or a short sword

how rightly i’d smite them
and preclude my plight

alas, it is i
still supine in my stupor

who falls to the onset
of time’s tempered light

they brand me a “grump”

whilst they hump on my leg…

such dregs bears repeat
of this dog-gonnest shame

ye fucks, if i’m sleeping
ye art bound to get slapped

should ye wake me
and work me

for corporate gain

go pander thy poison
of pilfer and pomp

away from my station
and dare ne’er return

my patience runs fibrous
no cheek shall be turned

it’s best to fast learn this
lest ye wound up stomped

[image credit: Louis Wain]