fellow fools
of fallow mind
and forlorn affectation

fraught with filial arrogation

failed by ill-foundation

framed by feelings
fostered through aloof defenestration

father-figures flaunting ever-fleeting fugitation

fraudulent confederates
enfeebling salvation

fomenting self-loathing-atmospheric-flagellation

suffered in the confines
of an infinite confusion

stifling thy fervor
ere forever fell to reason

folding into fetal failures

father’s fragile ego-fodder

fumbling to lift thyself up
through a phantom-like imposter

woefully conforming
for the comfort of false heroes

deftly deconstructing
default states of disrepair

fear no more
forgo thy moral code
with condemnation

for to give a fuck
facilitates the fuck that’s taken

though family is but fantasy

let life not be forsaken

lain dormant


do souls divide

devised upon eclipsing faces

onto coils

into prismed stasis

of implied perspectives

wardens of a will subjective

wallowing amid the irony
subconsciously neglected

in their discretion

predisposed to predilection

when they will fall

from mother earth’s inbound reflection

through the undulations

wrought by mortal trepidation

endless existential crises
leading life to deviation

for their own salvation

for dissemination

any worth they deem
is but an arbitrary affectation

by incarnation

paradoxical creations

bounded by the crux
that is the crutch
of their idealizations

of a flesh-bound station

by fear’s indoctrination

as it seems
will mitigate their wrath
of ruination

not even self-flagellation
could absolve them of their own sins
solely by the merit of the fantasy
of their creation

luckily, for mother earth
their reign is but a fleeting moment
far beyond the fervid fears
which humans are so wont to foment

every species truly is a stowaway
destined for torment
on the mothership of looming death
we are as dust lain dormant

our depart

that somber november

whose air

sang umbral abandon
when nigh

your words
were the ember

god’s semblance
did spark

with aril,
this ruinous heart

the stoic did tremble

in silence, we cried

our world
now awash with despair

and those who had watched
from their crumbling spires

knew nothing
would cease
our depart