no one looks
to see the restive seas
left in their wake

for if they saw
the sorrow sowed

the past would thus be reaped

to sympathize with captors
of one’s verity unveiled

only validates the fate
from which we flee

and so our sacrosanct delusions
pave these wonted paths we tread

nevermind the methods

for what better victim could exist

apart from one whose woeful plight
is readily compounded


To the Wind

these idle hands shall drive
this dagger
deep into forsaken dreams

by its blade
my beating chest
will bleed the only way
back home

blessed not
are witnesses
confined to open mind

through eyes

behind broken glass

where i have come
to live

at long last

no more questions

just cast my spirit
to the wind

With Forgiveness

the pen applies pressure

another pin drops

smoke-addled sheets glow dull
by the piercing

and this pill bottle pillow
will not stop depleting

falling behind
in my faint affirmation

felt quaint
for a time
ere the choice was enshrined

in the cistern that once kept
a lone shelf sericious

the everlasting symbol
of souls dispossessed

a relic
of semblant self-bastardization

now stripped
of its nuance

in white light evinced

burning sooth to the touch

like a trembling torch
treads the catacombs of consciousness

chasing each thread
to its one and only known end

like the sins sung
for higher

the hour knew
my name

it was he
whose idle hands and bared arms
bore me witness

and i
who must writhe
with forgiveness

Face to Face

i saw you
as complex

i see
you have a complex

we could start
a complicated situation

or take the task on
turning karmic keys
from inside out

it would surely
be a waste

to curl into these coils
not knowing


something feels familiar

when we stand here

face to face

Flash of Youth

i recall the days of youth
an uncouth lad was i
shy and serious
yet, kinda wild
not gonna lie
often, i engaged in things
i still cannot believe
like the time my friend and i
simply decided to unsheathe
and nonchalantly saunter
through our local neighborhood
ringing random doorbells
when they answered, there we stood
emboldened by the moment
our gymnophily grew brazen
and who could blame us
our taut buns looked so fuckin’ amazin’
this truth inspired our finest hour
straight struttin’ through those Oregon streets
the main road into town
had never witnessed such a wanton treat
until, when out of nowhere
headlights flashed our supple flesh
the cops had lain in wait
in flagellation, we then fled
curiously~, these two cops
maintained a passive pace
i guess the thought of catching up
was more than they could take
in the final stretch
there stood a ditch of epic peril
treacherous coils of raspberry bushes
near rent us sterile
somehow, we arose upon the path
that held our freedom
but not without the creepy guy next door
taking it all in
once inside the house
we made our way into the back room closet
huddling together
hoping no one would thus spot us
well, they did indeed
thanks to our nosy neighbor’s snitching ways
and after everything
the cop had only but one thing to say
“in seventeen years on this job,
i swear i’ve never seen
such a sight so odd, one hesitates
to fathom what it means”
“are you for real?!” we scoffed
for then most awkward did we feel
it seemed he sought to shame us
so we’d keep our bits concealed
this story is as true to life
as any i have ever told
but keep in mind
the fact that, back then
i was just fifteen years old
i may be prone
to reckless whimsy

{thinking}…if they only knew…

if you should stick around a bit
i might reveal myself to you




wait, not like that . . .