FUCK. i hate that vapid social media inspired expression
for it’s antithetical to my beliefs in every aspect

fuck your trite, banal suggestions
tailor fit to suit excess

the essence of existence is organic by nature
not of informed contrivance
thriving on planned obsolescence
and surreptitiously intrusive analysis
of every molecule of our daily minutiae
if you would please mind your business
as opposed to that of mine, perhaps i could then relax
but i suppose that my “business” is your impetus
incessantly devising channels
of collusive machination
desperately masterminding plots
to gain my undivided attention

hoping to be validated purloining my pittanced earnings
ceaselessly you inundate ~consumers~ with covert manipulation
dignity, it seems, has gone the same way of integrity
along with honesty, respect, and simple human decency

witness now the devolution
through our basest degradation

exploitation carried out
by our complacency’s compliance

captives of controlling forces
fostered by the fears we cherish
should we perish
all the world would crumble into dust forsaken

such a state of indignation
ego masks our greatest failing:

knowledge of our human nature,
plague of ever looming horrors.

~trending~ is just the beginning
tidings trained on influencing

truth is not begotten through lies vocalized ad infinitum.

if it was that we could ever descry what is, in truth, ~trending~
we might not survive the overload of such abstruse injustice
wreaked upon our weakened states of tenuously held conviction
culminating into such acute compartmentalization
formed of senseless rationalizations based on circumvention

ignorance no longer is a viable excuse for treason
fleeing from responsibility ploying to shift the burden
there must come a point at which we draw the line defining ethics
thus avowing our humanity or shameful lack thereof
no longer will we abdicate the causal factors of our fate

for noble truth requires no headline
as it airs self-evident
there is no precedent thus needed
to affirm its relevance
what hope do have for conclusion
lest we furnish sound decisions

found beyond the schisms of mass media-driven illusion

fuck every inane distraction
doling dubious semantics
look at what occurs when we allow
ourselves to get entangled
“covfefe” trended in a spectacle so grand wresting the nation
scarcely did we notice the affront afflicting Mother Nature
by a fucking idiot who redefines the nomenclature
of the very word with his absurd bids to destroy our culture

honestly, what terrifies me most lies in the fact
that had we been aware
we likely would have seen the same degree of apathy
amongst the general public
unable to see beyond his vulgar rhetoric of petulance

let me now apprise you of the truth, which, for myself is ~trending~
suicidal idealization triggered by the ceaseless duress
of demoralization, disillusionment, chronic depression,
dehumanization, paranoia, feelings of dejection,
cognitive dissonance from a lifetime of dissociation,
neverending affronts of existential invalidation,
persecution, indignation, soporose inebriation,
complex PTSD, isolation, operose avoidance,
ADHD, bipolar-both I and II, pellucid moments
fraught with such a gripping sense of hopelessness
from bearing witness to such egregious injustice
on display in vulgar incarnations of flagrant sexism,
buorgeoism, law enforcement killing black men,
Nazis framed by euphemism, supposition,
sanctioned sectarianism, church-protected molestation,
privilege of depraved rich white men, unabashed bigotry by tax-exempt so-called ~religions~,
rape culture, police states, prisons run by private institutions, war veterans disgraced, dishonored, exploited, and then forsaken, private-run health care industry designed to extort our dollar withholding the care required by disenfranchised citizens, fraudulent affronts by fascists falsely claiming communism, brazen systemic racism, ethically bereft opulants, omnipresent corporate-ties to every single fucking construct, dismissive attitudes at even vague allusions to such problems, how the fuck is anyone not outraged
to the point of action

really, what i mean to say is communist armed-revolution
(true communism, not the grave misapprehension, “communism™”)
even as a pacifist i understand that such time has come
lest we acquiesce at the behest of heedless corporations

proven without fail as being beholden to corrupt agendas
any means to justify the ends of planet-wide destruction
there’s no way to reconcile nor comprehend these truths before us
even if what’s ~trending~ sends a message of resounding chorus

[image credit: Livio Abramo]

The Devil You Know

now i see the spiral
coalesce upon your umbral breast
swallowing the Milky Way
with nary a word of contrition
nothing in this driftless wasteland
ever could sustain your septic need
to reconstruct yourself with remnants of your sadist wrath

precisely at the apex
of this doleful conflagration
you strike from spools
of spent conspire
and revel in the fires left burning

one thing i have relunctantly learned
is family is but just a title
granting twisted torturerers
unwarranted permission
evil of entitled villains
feigning love to smite your soul

[image credit: Louis Wain]

Momentary Introspection

perhaps i need a pointed slap in the face
rambling on in these fits of dolor
shameful displays of vulgar isolationist privilege
my natural state is one of positivity and emotional support
found when i consider others
but once i turn the looking glass inward
my world turns on its head
its dormant horrors readily fall from my cryptic thoughts
despite my adamant belief
that i am of a circumstance no worse than others
in fact, i live by the belief
that other’s plights eclipse my own
i feel like such a wretched child
parading about in all my pain
which might serve to allay my suffering
but i do fear i’ve crossed the line
this is not a plea nor pander
it is a fleeting flight of ponder
likely, soon found tucked away
obscured by thoughts effusive

Ardent Implore

candy-coated hand grenade
i beg thee, sate mine open mouth
death befit so much the sweeter
fantasy of furrowed brow

what more couldst heathen hearts desire
no fate to stretch beyond thoughts trenchant
unequivocal release
serene as languor soon relents

in the lithium soaked limelight
breaths disperse with freedom found
gone are eyes that wouldst deceive us
crooked Eden’s curse now stayed

loathsome gift of life escaping
take me in thy loving arms
adorn mine head with blackened halo
Helios, pray heal this husk

hazard i with ardent implore
nigh to taste the faceless hour
dusk awash with sordid wallow
fill this hollow hope with nihil

[image credit: František Kobliha]

Pointed Lessons

the abstract tapestry of thought and emotion
sifting through memories
persisting beyond the toll of midnight

a surreality poignance fraught
amidst your fabled absence

through context into lucid light
those wayward flecks take flight

seeing now
the urgency defining bated breath

hindsight is a bird unbounded
heaven’s haste begets unheeding

by the merit of its taste
left on the tongue in lingering

how is it that voices lacking tangible disclosure
visibly vociferate through vales
our verities unseen

only to be vetted in the aftermath
of fate’s denouement

moments later, vested virtues
forsaken anew

by the nighest conscious duress
of my conscience’s affording

i will honor your bestowing
in the bastion of my breast

pray not let these pointed lessons fall
when life resumes its pique

[image credit: Edouard Goerg]

When Today Found Me

and it was today

not knowing its meaning
not knowing why

i know that i love you.

that nothing remains

in this nomad’s world

for hands to behold

but the fleeting whispers
through eyes spent


i watch
immured in solitude

when laymen’s hours prohibit

with all they dared to disregard.

i struggle to make out a face
its features framed of faint obscure

ne’er could i mistake
that feeling

the comfort of your company

forever, it resides within me.

with naught but useless
power of flesh

i flounder in this hopeless muster

holding onto dust
the taste of rust upon my quivered lip

all that i do humbly ask
would you now hear this utterance

“just one simple sentiment, i miss you.”.

through these memories, i bleed
into somatic nights of static

’til our stars again align

go now

ravage every sky
that stings with freedom
whence sought of your heart’s requite

[image credit: Sadanobu Hasegawa IV]

Pathos of Recalcitrance

of course i lie
i’m only human

that aside, one sick of liars
i can justify my libel
yours, i dare not ponder freely

far beyond this ten-foot pole

your willful words of skillful squander
dangle at aberrant angles
fraught with such finagled ire

were that i could only trust you
unlike me, your ship has sailed
destined for abhorrent harbor
drowned in ardor so reviled

solely, to the death, indignant
figments framed as picture-perfect
truth absconded, lost in the morass

endless grabs for abstract fragments
stabbing blindly at the dark
puzzles pieced extemporarily
tenuously strung as art

how you manage without tire
mystifies the misled mind
wandering through gaslit tunnels

taciturn, you spurn the last
this pathos of recalcitrance
sits pithless to the bitter end

[image credit: J.W. Fores]

Florid Moons

fervid doth my heart display
upon the slightest thought of thee
dormant dreams arise anew
when florid moons sing incantations

sordid affectations
of this wastrel’s world disperse to naught
beneath the sheath of shadows
and the solitary quell

knowing all too well
this quietude will fall
by brandished sol
its call belies our silent reverie

ere the dawn bestows its blessing
lonely vows bleed vesper’s veil
plots of untold errant solace
lost amid the hour’s assailing

muted miles of sloe and slumber
hapless, by the sky’s refute
once consumed of aural umbrage
eyes beguiled wept rapturous woe

life in dulled gray street’s meander
sights and sounds of pandered plight
such effusive flights of fluster
never would we find profound

ours is of the hourglass sifted
leave the heedless hordes to wrest
we remain unscathed by fires
hailing from the hell-bound rust

[image credit: James R. Eads]

Damn it!

today has been a shitty day
indeed, far shittier than most
if only i could smoke this weed
perhaps it would restore some hope
you see, against my better sense
i let my roommate hit my bong
and just like every other time
he broke that shit and moved along
so i resorted to my trusty pipe
but there was so much resin
no matter how hard i tried to suck
no hit was ever present
so i grabbed a paper-clip
and tried my best to clear the passage
naturally, i broke the bowl
subconsciously, this, i did presage
then i had remembered that old metal piece
from back in the day
after rummaging through my desk drawer
i found it to my dismay
it was disassembled
and the most important part was missing
without which there was no point
and this i had found most distressing
then i spied an old coke can
which i soon learned was full of piss
once again my roommate struck
with his repulsive carelessness
thinking it was hopeless
i decided to peruse the fridge
whereupon i saw an apple
perched atop an old cheese wedge
quickly i had bored two holes
to meet right in the apple’s center
placed a nugget of my weed
but then i could not find my lighter
with a sigh of great relief
it turned out to be in my hand
then i proceeded to inhale the biggest hit
i ever had

oh my fucking god!
what was i thinking?
this is just the worst!
once again my lack of foresight
has resulted in this curse
of static wrest from catatonic states
from which there’s no escape
as paranoid anxieties and thoughts
begin to inundate
my mind thus turning into mush
incapable of basic function
instantaneous regret
and unrelenting hypertension
fuck! i got the munchies
but there’s nothing i can do about it
i can barely formulate a single thought
and not thus doubt it
my entire body has since turned to stone
voice rendered silent
why the fuck can’t i remember
not to smoke this horrible shit!?

[image credit: Anna Hollerer-Wischin]