Flat-Earth Folly

oh my fucking god
here comes a ~flat earther~
please kill me now

run for cover
hit the deck
abandon ship
cuz, um, like, …wow

this has got to be the worst
prank yet to be attempted

i keep waiting
for someone
to jump out with a hidden camera

science cannot be refuted
just because some online ~picture~
caught your eye
when dubiously analyzed
by crazed youtubers

auto-played from your suggestions
generated by your searches
from the time a plane flew by
and left a trail you deemed suspicious

several hours of heavy-lidded thinking
found you fast ascribing
things inconsequential
to a mass conspiracy presiding
thereby taking your attention
off of matters not imagined
validating fears
that critical thought has since been supplanted

it’s all so demoralizing
i don’t quite know what to do
who in the flying fuck believes
the stupid shit they see on youtube

then resolves to disavow
accepted scientific knowledge
thinking themselves ~well informed~
such ignorance elicits vomit

i can hardly bear the smug expression
nor the pompous manner
when these freaks regale me with their idle incoherent blather

dude, crepuscular rays do not radiate
based upon distance
it’s a matter of perspective
and the concept of divergence

indeed, it’s quite obvious
your “dissidence” is ~heaven sent~
forget that flat earth
first was pandered
by religious government

from my observations
the conspiracies and paranoia
are a culture born of drug use
and subsequent hyponoia

idle hands and online access
ignorance and primal fear
coalesce to deviate the mind
beyond hope for repair

too much Coast to Coast AM
all night while driving eighteen-wheelers
in the middle of nowhere
no wonder y’all think this shit’s real

yes, i may be generalizing
but my point should be apparent
it requires some major shit
to beget notions this aberrant

i’m no scientist
as you can clearly see
i’m just a doofus
but it doesn’t take a Ph.d
to know what simple truth is

[image credit: Louis Wain]

Maiden Song

my consciousness unraveled
under gravity’s conundrum

ivory wands
of autumn blossoms brooding

effused the words
that toppled my world

upon my heart transparent

as i heard them ring
in cherried kisses
of wistful chime

to shore upon a disparate ponder

once again

the abandoned aril’s precious plight

such beauty nonpareil
begs bittersweet

blusters beckoning
the mem’ries blurred

when i wandered
in my shadow’s doubt
through balsam hills
of rolling ochre

determined to seize the vanishing flare
of dusk abrade

before its veiled taunting
from round the vitrified bend

in crept clusters of celeste

it was there that my perils would come to rest
nestled amid swaying tresses

swelling into lustrous clouds

where i clutched the wrath of heaven’s bane

daring its pallid complexion

pittanced by modest compare

the well of woes
in witless poise
composing wisps
to cast asunder

gave sopor pause

to reap the sorrows
lost in rapturous contempt

sown of captured sins
from promises once sworn
athwart of breast

folding into blessed ruin
to pique the peering skies of scorn

A Dream Comes True

last night
i watched a faceless moon
to the silence

a stillness
seized all hope
for reason

astral lustre
burned as rust

through my eyelids
clasping winter

i could still yet see
the onset

creeping forth
like legless lepers

moaning incantations
from their lacerated tongues

my name was spoken

slivers slowly pierced
and prodded

godless as i was
i prayed

to emptiness

come save this soul

then the ground
grew teeth so hideous

was there left to hide

putrid breath
arose below me

never had i known such terror

this would be the end

stubborn as a wayward mule
if it was that blood should spill

i resigned
by my hand only
as my dagger swiftly moved

haunted cries
were counted many

on the day
when madness struck

in a queue of public squalor
blood became the unseen walls

[image credit: Jan Toorop]

A Kiss

a kiss
should be as precious
as a rose unravels
to the sun

delicately ardent
intimately conscious
of its limits

gently coaxing
its full potential
strength through vulnerability

just as long so as to
bring about its beauty

with fine attunement
intent to see it flourish

breathing life anew
upon the moment of acquaintance

drawing in its bounty
ebbing as the dawn recedes the sea

urgency coercing tranquil
acquiesce of Pleiades

dare not overstay its presence
reciprocity insists

through yearning skies
a coalescent calming
cries of moonlit lips

[image credit: Jan Toorop]