my latest poem on Sudden Denouement (i hope i did this correctly…{typo fail not including…[how embarrassing can this continue to get?]})

via By Her Implore- Max Meunier



I’d Rather Not

people talk.

i’d rather not

partake of such pretense

their scornful words and sentiments
present even in silence

‘tis all too rare
to share a laugh
not hinging on the precipice

through tears tinged with inauspice

as our solipsist release

forgive my unabashed candor
sycophants have burned remiss

but once a truth is learned

no luxury can disallow its visage

lest we turn our text of tenuous humanity
to barter

it is the ardor of our unwitting machinations that strikes my heart of hearts

a ritualized recalcitrance
refuses to read between the lines

i know this, for it hearkens from the pits of my own pith’s refrain

a hypocrite as far as i am able to exist a human

unaware are we
of the power wielded by our expression

a proprietary lesson
found on mortuary floors

i have heart the ghastly whispers

wafting through these phantom walls

in the hour of ghostly ire

impervious to my behest

spilling forth from frothing lips
my sentence e’er spelled out before me

here, amid the vast cacophony
of human sanctimony


what was it that simon once said?

something, something, now exist?

i turned around
and stood on one foot…

ran in place
with arms stretched out

reached into the skies unknowing

ate all my veggies
went to bed

well, homework was a different story . . .

more or less
one day, i was left to tend my own devices

but somewhere along blurred lines converging
i forgot the laws of physics

consciousness then spliced, divergent

simon’s orders fell to silence

maybe it was all just hokey-pokey

nonetheless, misplaced

Inside My Head

i swear
i wrote you something lovely

positively apropos

i had the ultimate epiphany
pertaining to what should be plainly simple

all that previously had eluded my impaired expression
practically making the words impossible to say

all my past attempts
were pretty much pathetic preludes

sappy sounding
and bumbled like a barnyard boob

so completely obfuscated

loquaciously conspicuous

i hesitate to thus reflect

that you could still respect me
spurs a requisite suspicion

but i am more an optimist
than any kind of skillful skeptic

let me get back to the point

to properly address the paradigm
of my desired profession

would depend upon my referencing
the post-it notes i penned

please, pardon me
it would appear that they are in
my other pocket…

how auspicious it is
that this all took place
inside my head

On Track

i walk ‘long
the trembling bands of stretched steel

upon what i have since deemed home

secretly wishing
appointment athwart

the shrill hiss
of doppler redemption
rings mercy

where spirits sing, spurned

e’er awaiting procession

to join them, i know

on this timber runged row
i must make my own choice

here, alone

and forever