only if

what is left
but wistful words

wasted wants
and willful wallow

…allow me to reiterate;

lavish me
with love
for life

along the leafy sea
of dragons

pour your heart
into mine
as we pore over this rose dramatis

never let us falter
into cold complacent
static statues


there is irony
within these words

if one has ever heard
a heartbeat…

held a hope
that fell
into that old vacant abyss

the one that wants to rob the morrow
hobble us
with sorrow’s sword

if my tears could turn toward
the bleakest sky

would I then follow…

if you took my hand
and told me
who I am

infernal refrain

five-thirty AM
and i haven’t a friend

just the cruel crux
of dawn creeping onward

the sun has its way
ever to my dismay

for what dreams have been left
at the altar

with all its demands
comes the day
to spent hands

and my soul cannot fathom
to muster

any semblance of self
through this pittance of health

in a world
overwhelming with bluster

if given the choice
i would find my rejoice
in the arms of the darkness eternal

alas, it remains
this infernal refrain
in the backdrop façade
of life vernal

express shunned

expression begets naught
but exasperation

forget the time spent
and the arduous effort

one cannot afford
to expend what scant little
extant wherewithal
feeling frayed
and befuddled

as if the internal morass
of mere mulling
would fail to avail us
of endless dishevel

the thought of conveying
one’s thoughts should allay
the cacophonous crepit
of entropy’s sway

but the fact e’er remains
that upon one’s imploring
such pleas only seem
to fall on deaf ears ringing

like gears of gargantuan golems
will grind
in the gloaming
of desolate dawns not sufficed

as it is
one is left to resume the bleak path
of words wasting languid
’til death reaps its wrath

what happened today

i had finished mining some garnet
and having amassed quite a load
i called for my ride
but was sadly denied
for some reason
they chose to forgo

it dawned on me then
to call uber
in spite of my dirt-laden clothes
the driver showed up
and was like, what the fuck?!
and insisted that I should disrobe!

at this point
my haul was so heavy
along that precarious turn
a choice was then made
my attire was relayed
to his trunk
though i felt somewhat spurned

and in that rear view
of revealing
my muscles did glisten
with sweat
i swear that his eyes
nearly doubled in size
and my soul did feel
heavily pet

at last, when that long ride had ended
i climbed out the back seat
half nude
my neighbors did sigh
at the scene they did spy
heaven knows
what they must have construed…