If Not the First

fornicators prone to procreate
are not inclined to wait
but maybe they should take a break
to contemplate the subsequent
unwitting fates affected by their urge to sate
their selfish need to sow their seed
of self-fulfilling prophecy
which is indeed, as such, contingent on their level of neglect
their lack of nurture and respect
and the forfeiture of any predilection to reflect
when they are nestled up so nicely in their self-exempting narratives
nary a shit have they to give
about the life that must be lived
because in their eyes, it’s more an extension of their awesomeness
not a valid individual whose voice heeds any consequence
which is like, why the fuck did you give birth
and why does this not bother you?
ah yes, i see, you failed to take the time
to think responsibly
and rather than owning the aftermath
of all your thoughtless actions
you find it much easier
to wilfully project them
right onto the very person who already stands to suffer
from your utter inability to think about another
there’s a grave misapprehension in regards to what is parenthood
as if it were an endeavor that was just intrinsically good
i’m like, EGAD! this shit is bad
in fact, i dare to say, the worst
there, i said it.
i’ll not be the last, if not the first


With Two Sixpence

this requiem rests
on the shoulders of sorrow

tempting the bitter ledge

beating hearts fled
for its leap could ne’er reconcile

miles left untrodden

since martyrdom murdered a young man’s ideals

undone by the blind whims
of human hypocrisy

his only desire

would dissolve into daydreams

stranded on gossamer wings

with strings strumming

he sings
his abysmal heart’s phantom refrain

where the wintry rain
swallows his woeful chagrin

with two sixpence

to sate charon’s blessing

“Why” Chromosome

“Y” chromosome
why can you not see?

you far more resemble
a minuscule “v”

a majuscule “Y” in no way reflects
your number of genes in contrast to “X”

and certainly, size by no means does compare
as “X” is five times that of what you declare

as far as genes what have you sixty at best?
where “X” has a thousand as science attests

your content, redundant

to mutation, weak

with exacerbated rates of entropy

as long as we’ve possessed the ability
to gauge your small size you’ve been yet dwindling

why oh “Y” must you trample and pout
mother nature knows best when to take the trash out

when its primary function becomes detrimental
no time can be wasted waxing sentimental

and if you should find yourself wondering why you’ve been exed,
“Y”, some questions deserve no reply


  • extremely avoidant
  • aversion to phone calls
  • unlikely to look into any message at all
  • prone to anxiety
  • penchant for privacy
  • predisposition: opposed to society
  • not quite so punctual
  • known to procrastinate
  • at times oblivious, otherwise obstinant
  • occupation: caprice
  • title: musical geek
  • long-term goals: n/a (unless you count world peace)
  • ever the optimist
  • magnet for narcissists
  • pardon the statement above, for it was remiss
  • idealistic to a fault
  • salty when comes the dawn
  • arbitrarily likes to say the word “megatron”
  • dubious prosody
  • rife with verbosity
  • derelict student of wayward philosophy
  • foremost, a feminist
  • forever agnostic
  • wields a peerless kris resolved to lop penises
  • over-obsessive mind
  • male ego: left behind
  • strives for a vigilant kindness (most of the time…)
  • clearly, a kitty cat
  • dare never question that ↑↑↑
  • name: maximillian – though, laymen just call me max



when the hands on the clock struck twenty-five hundred
a gun did appear in my hand

i watched as smoke wafted
through god’s wincing eye

its canopy cried out rufescent

a motley procession
of soporose passers-by

gave pause
to peer into the window

like daggers,
their fingers did pierce the still air
with hushed presumptions
gleaned most indolent

my insolence dared me to breathe
but the blood was too thin

and its truth
could not answer

now it is
that i was them

a shade ahead
without a horseman