A Dream Comes True

last night
i watched a faceless moon
to the silence

a stillness
seized all hope
for reason

astral lustre
burned as rust

through my eyelids
clasping winter

i could still yet see
the onset

creeping forth
like legless lepers

moaning incantations
from their lacerated tongues

my name was spoken

slivers slowly pierced
and prodded

godless as i was
i prayed

to emptiness

come save this soul

then the ground
grew teeth so hideous

was there left to hide

putrid breath
arose below me

never had i known such terror

this would be the end

stubborn as a wayward mule
if it was that blood should spill

i resigned
by my hand only
as my dagger swiftly moved

haunted cries
were counted many

on the day
when madness struck

in a queue of public squalor
blood became the unseen walls

[image credit: Jan Toorop]

A Kiss

a kiss
should be as precious
as a rose unravels
to the sun

delicately ardent
intimately conscious
of its limits

gently coaxing
its full potential
strength through vulnerability

just as long so as to
bring about its beauty

with fine attunement
intent to see it flourish

breathing life anew
upon the moment of acquaintance

drawing in its bounty
ebbing as the dawn recedes the sea

urgency coercing tranquil
acquiesce of Pleiades

dare not overstay its presence
reciprocity insists

through yearning skies
a coalescent calming
cries of moonlit lips

[image credit: Jan Toorop]

Your Worst

why can’t you
just fucking chill

you got the pill
you wanted

or are you just
a malcontent

on causing misery

maybe i’m ridiculous
a fool
for fools

a ruthless martyr

charting maps
to places
which no longer
still exist

how is it
that once you’ve reached the goal
your whole demeanor changes

when only seconds prior
you were moribund

one might think you a liar
shamelessly manipulating
tenuously disingenuous
i trust
you see this too

with antics airing petulant
so tired and uninspired

it’s a wonder
how you stay committed
to the very death

perhaps the most depressing aspect
to your known affliction
is the fact
that it is written
on the cemetery walls

such a passe paradigm
maligns your inner beauty
it seems your duty
to submit to its behest

swallowing the flames
i ponder
why i wallow in surrender

knowing all the while
i am no better
than your worst

[image credit: Elihu Vedder]

I Say So

I am NOT as insane
As I may appear to be

Oh no

You see,

I AM in fact

Wracked with fractious fluctuations
Far beyond
The realm of fiction

Chaos amidst disarray
Through echoes of a false reflection

Mind of unwound thought most unsound
Bound and gagged
I beg, bedraggled

More unnerved
Than mere neurosis
Annexed by Toxoplasmosis

Torrents of dissociation

Not ~for your consideration~

Treading on a surreality

Unfit for integration

Face it
More shit
You ain’t got the time for
Nor the inclination



i am

How I manage to survive is—
The fuck I’m saying?

I don’t.

[image credit: Ephraim Moses Lilien]