ire of yesterdays

“it was i”

spoke the ire
of our yesterdays

on the fleeting fiery sun

by the ruins of the apogee

long into the sea
it surely sunk

we resigned
to thus conspire

by the bleakness
of a burden

only words ambivalent
could ever shun

forever mired

in a tireless aver


lest bygone reveries
confer our sum


let me tell you something
all about a dude they call “oldepunk”
with an “e”, of course
for higher echelon
and “h”, for hunk
which is silent
for you see, it also stands
for humble human
hedonist of sorts
and reformed hellion
who lives in Houston
tearing through the streets
he is a hot-rod lovin’ ramjet poet
full of fire & fury
while dichitomously calm & stoic
wielding such a plethora
of complex lexical expression
every poem i read of his
is like a comprehensive lesson
serendipitous, to be exact
surreal in all dimensions
speaking to me in a way
as though it were a special mention
bolstering the shared connection
present since our first encounter
when i was a whelp
and he, a Sudden Denouement co-founder
his consideration for my e’er reclusive disposition
comforts me in times when correspondence
proves a wisted mission
yes indeed, i miss him
along with my family of damned poets
hopefully, this anxious curse
will soon subside so i can show them

scissored spritzer

take care, should ye wend to tend the vacuum
yond the twilight’s summon

for what one cannot foresee
may soon become thy vengeful hegemon

plotting wicked wrath
upon thy vial of coveted elixir

once, a promise
of somatic sanctuary
spurned to whisker

by the fretful fate
doled out by trimmers
of a phantom wielding

triggered by an arbitrary elbow
of capricious yielding

rendering sadistic shears
descending to a dreadful plummet

poised upon the nigh impending aperture
of fitful flummox

sparing not thy sparkling nectar
fraught now, since did clothe said contents

writhing in the tacky toils
of self-induced syrup-borne laments

call to pause

listen up, you listless bastards

disregard your course of action

nevermind those nosy neighbors

brush aside that bearded faction

put a stop to all the pretense

tell those cops you’re needed elsewhere

step away from urgent duty

disengage from life’s disrepair

distance yourself from the others

fall away from frantic mothers

demonstrate your due discretion

if you would adopt these druthers

shove that geriatric heathen

right the fuck up into heaven

time is of the utmost essence

marshall stacks stuck on eleven

leave the politics behind you

consequence begets no virtue

drop the vape and all its trappings

fondle not that naked statue

situate yourself before me

revel in this allegory

vigilantly heed its message

sing aloud its untold glory

all your life precedes this moment

reap the profits of your torment

ne’er forget these words i sayeth

Byron is a CAT, goddamnit.

wherever I go

i am such a martyr
that i wear a garter
and corset wherever i go

despite my appearance
this candid aberrance
is something most never will know

it might be quite tight
if i’m tied up just right
to the point where constriction is nigh

but such is the price
one must pay to look nice
therefore, i never dare question why