Answer: Ego

why must our presence

present as pendulous peril

perpetually passing

between plausible purpose

and predisposed plight

prolonging pandemonium

to placate pedestrian pedantry

perpetrated by apathetic progenitors

to please their pathetically primitive

predilection for perpetuant personal prospect

through perfunctory procreation

parsimoniously placing province

and perdurable pain

on the passively plucked


of their phantom permanence?




[image credit: Vittorio Zecchin]


33 Replies to “Answer: Ego”

    1. Planetary pandemics permit impassioned pleas presented prismatically and profusely in pursuit of plausible propriety as opposed to imprudent and perilous passivity to the pressing plight of overpopulation and irresponsible parenting. Aside from that, i tend to agree. Even if i am a prolific perpetrator…

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