you didn’t click like

that’s all I needed
to know

forget the fact
that you might not
have seen it

that you might
be inundated
with the incessant burdens
of life’s duress

the fact
that life exists
for you
outside of myself

but most of all


that you
might not
have actually liked it

Apropos Creation?

sometimes in life
it’s all you can do
not to hang from the end
of a dangling noose
when ideals falter
from altered epiphanies
self-imposed litanies
taunt us as truth

reasons unclear
hearken feelings concise
as we slowly succumb
to scopolamine nights
on a hollow dimensional plane
of feigned platitudes
sorrowful vice
desperate pleas seeking quietude

labeled as sacrilege
should we repair
to undo the heedless act
of summoning us here
where an iron fist reigns
with such ironic scrutiny
e’er you should mention
proactive acuity

still, none dare question
’til quietus calls
of that which our parents
paid no mind at all
the stigma, long-standing
insists these facades
are gifts that cannot be revoked
but by god

how oddly beholden
to cognitive bias
that we forgo logic
and deign ourselves pious
to then misappropriate
most hypocritically
fate in itself
with such flagrant defiance

if only our efforts
were aimed toward reality
instead, we sacrifice all
for mere fantasy
lacking the merit
to make the distinction
between fact and metaphorical depiction

we must make the choice
to adhere to a mindset
consisting of ethics
not pandered by pretense
for should we persist
to exist with such dissonance
life itself will soon submit
to obsolescence

[image credit: Louis Wain]

Lost Expression

all that i desire to say
can be found lost in my expression
enshrouded by archaic airs
arbitrary to my intentions

are these conscious thoughts of truth
in conflict with my hidden layers
or is it pretense so aloof
driving rifts through solemn lair

this much i may never know
and such it is i must accept
that all i might forever show
should be not what my heart reflects

Chaotic Pedantry

these, my thoughts
a plague of vague and divergent plagiarizations
indiscriminately pilfered in epic proliferation

culled and culminated
an insipidly loquacious clamor
pulling at the seams
of a precarious defenestrator

sonorous disquietude
of pointless quips methodical
poised with impropriety
imprudently parodical

pondering the response
spurred by unintended implication
posed from every angle
with fastidious consideration

formulating fears quickly forestalled
and then falsely inflected

internalized dialogues
disseminated and dissected

infiltrated by effusively
flourishing fantasies

in fluctuating malformations
of infernal lunacy

frantically then bantering
a bevy of inbound semantics
transmuting juxtapositions
chaotic thought pedantic

poring over every nuance
with a painstaking precision
over lingering lexical aberrations

an incessant onslaught
of neurotic errings syntactical
cringing at the notion
of the permanence of erstwhile drivel

ever ready to unravel
by mere random incidence
so unwittingly interweaved
with arbitrary intermittence

why must it be so
that my mind never ceases inundating
every thought that fills my head
with copious neuroticisms

moored and then mechanically mulled over to such mundane measure

maladaptations of mind-numbing malefic discomfiture

omnipresently presaging
prominently ominous

a vomitous slew so profusely foul and insalubrious

besotting of verbosely vulgar surreptitious linguistics
repetitious literary folderal inefficacious

unrelentingly attending all obsessive inclinations
descending into grammatical quandaries sans hesitation

requisitely structured with laborious alliteration
assonance and consonance or else subjective condemnation

were that my implores could ever be expressed externally
surely they would lock me up then quickly throw away the key

cognitive calamity at this degree of grave affliction
begets one naught but a ticket to the mental institution

left bereft of any hope for one’s existential salvation
in an exile of the vilest form of human deprivation

i must then be heedful in revealing my indisposition
if you would excuse me from thus furthering this exposition

Hearsay What?

few exist as piteous
as those swayed
by the plague of hearsay

regaled by despiteous
imposters desperate entreaties

cunningly devised
in ways that play
to every preconception

disarming unwitting parties
of their competent discretion

unbeknownst to whom
would be distraught
with shame by such imprudence

if they could thus comprehend
the gravity of their congruence

sadly, were they to be disavowed
of their misapprehension

consciously their mind would disallow
truth through dissociation

as cognitive dissonance
would pardon their disreputation

safe from any consequence
befitting of their resignation

wont are we as humans
to surrender our hallowed intentions

in spite of our knowing better
still, we submit without question

rather than making the effort
to consider all positions

we would sooner spurn the victim
guilty by their word’s omission

stayed by shame of prohibition
knowing what we dare not mention

so it is that we condemn
those innocent to false convictions

meanwhile, those responsible
for inciting such accusations

revel in the glory
misappropriated by deception

left without a moral
that would suit such an affront to ethics

such truths will perpetuate
for humankind is that pathetic

[image credit: George Cruikshank]


some days
we long to be killed
more than others

to save us
from spilling
our secretive druthers

in rum-soaked confessions
to loathsome ex-lovers

or nameless encounters
with strangers uncovered

shamelessly asking for help
from our mothers

whose salt stings the wounds
from the womb to the gutter

whose ruinous choices
left pagans to shudder

impetuous voicings
so flagrantly uttered

lugubrious lamentations
seethe and smother

you see
i have neither the will
nor the the wanting

to languish in suffering
ever so daunting

i rather prefer
to bestir to the coffin

and slough this infernal coil
right the fuck off then!

[image credit: Edward Honaker]


i paint these scenes
of wretched failing

deemed “self-sabotage”

subconsciously mincing
the ignorance
of their inception

a wavering vice
of weakness

to address the fear

that haunts me
when the moon retreats
to plot my next misstep

tread in torpor
culled of cowardice

and disclaim
framed most vapid

of an affliction

then left
for fools to reap

its tainted toll

so hideous

as discordance
falls upon them
as they are

the ones
whose only inquiry
is sanctioned
by the sky

those toward whom
my only truth
belies itself

through bridges

just to turn
and face

what fate
succumbs to acquiescence

of my bastardizing

fraught upon
their sacred ward

i swore
not to avow

this servile sword
by the eve’s availing


to the abyss
of midnight

[image credit: Kay Nielsen]

~Fuzzy~ Logic

do you not
hear these pleas

to reflect
my state of ruin?

how is it
such words project


to hear them

with such aberrant

altogether bastardizing

every crux
of their intention

pray tell
of my expression

its avowal

moving you
to mock its merit

feigning ignorance
most foul

that there would
exist displeasure

from outside oneself

is by no means
any measure

had thus been
duly shelved

Let Me Tell of No More


like humankind
is truly
the cruelest

if not all too usual

like a challenger deep
i could have easily
inhabited the trenches
of the great mariana

if left to my own devices

in a steady stream
of entropic existence

this, is not to say
that my soul would not
seep through the fissures
absconding to hellfire
in iron-core iconoclasm

my chosen paths
are minded with honors
and badges

it’s the acclimatization
and the stayed deprivation
that stave off the gravest of fates

. . . to be stricken
with the malignancy
of minded emotion
in the spur of the moment

to. . . argh

to, ~ f e e l ~.

for when i do
dimensions cry, uncle

as my watery ways

shear gaping rifts
through the planes of perception

. . .

i dwelled in detachment

living tortuous death

every breath a burden anew

but at least i knew~

now, time has wrought trickery
upon my soul’s dispossession

and the distance which spans
amid consequent disparity

has displaced my consciousness
landing a final blow
upon all i have known

rent by the unspent
and festering
the influx of blustering
bombast so drastically
thrashing my breast

an impetuous
press against her lips

all the years of my life
have always belonged
to her

this, i know
will inhabit my bed of dirt
when i greet the insect hordes

but more than just this
it was the mistle-streaked
visage since sallow and sullen

the culminating of hearts

a lifetime flashed before me
in that briefest of respite

much like a comet streaks
through a burst sky

only now

had its tail ensnared
the pulsating mass
fresh from my chest

and thus it was shot to the sun
in an instant

and such elucidation
diffused forces known

as gravity left me
to fall back to earth

can tell
of the ghastly descent
whence i combusted
to dust
from the old familiar sphere
of atmos and mir

thunderous crashing
i plunged into depths
the source of eternity’s tears
ever felled

in an instant
they passed through me
like ghost particles

i can no longer abide
let me now stay my tongue

take my leave
for this grievance
shall venture no more

boring all
like the sting
has bored holes
where my eyes once beheld–

let me tell
of no more

[image credit: Tess of the Storm Country (1922) featuring Mary Pickford]

Expire & Expel

our path has been chosen
by extrinsic forces
of dubious nature
on dangling carrots

posture and pith
from prostrate pathologies
intended to mend
fallow marrow maligned

strike hard
with thy naked appendage

rend the high heavens
to tend thy text of crimson

in sidelong assumption

asserting to assuage the rage
riling others

a scythe
guarding blighted complexions

inflections of fiction
and lucid diffusion

confused by fuel pilfered
resourcing fates fiery

blazoning skies with effusion askew
by shadows eschewing
a charlatan’s love song

of sins inquisitioned
petitions since signed
all by silent submission

a wish begets naught
fraught with wisdom so dismal
appointed of self

sitting high
upon thrones of a thornless affliction

depicted tribunals of perilous impugn
and ruinous lexicons
hewn e’er anew

in lieu of a logic
no worth would lament for

to bellow the testaments
wrists sworn to masters

whose mustered perceptions predate precedent
predation of prideful impasse
nigh persistent

en masse and en vogue

as vague as eroded engravings
bestowed upon visages
vaunting of stark raving fools
who once gave up reason

sought e’er to appease
the internalized treason
with a tepid trepidation

to rectify constructs
through statues erected

their muse left neglected
bereft of the conquest
left factious
to sift through the sands
of said infidels fallen
reign of silt

by tales, none can tell
if by audience quelled
spelled out involuntarily
vomit omitted

spit self-evinced victors
cresting lecterns ghost-flecked
by cleft-tongues cloaked most wicked

a sickness of man’s
heedless witness to warring
swarms breeding unbridled
imbrued with the bloodshed

a branding on blemished hands

time had forgotten

winced seconds
with soul rot
whence witlessly wrought

by savages sowing the brood
of their breast
by the roost of its beast

and dawn’s spawned beset by the wresting
with excess
and behest projected
of a faceless god’s
faith lost in fluster and fostered

through dreams none have seen
reach the gates of fruition

chagrin nestles parchment
from bouts sprayed with sanguine
mouths dripped
dropped agape

spewing greatness insisted
insipid as crackled paint
curling to a crumble

yet no lesser humble
addressing the sun

this purposeful refuse
usurped a prone species
whose pieces now pepper

the crusts of the cosmos
and corners of orifices
set to greed’s sating

beheading the state
of our sanctity stolen

and sanctioned existence
exiled to expire
and expel

[image credit: Sergius Hruby]