About Me (AKA ~Self-Idealization~)



Basically, I just express what I’m feeling as I’m experiencing the existential entropy of each and every moment of the subconscious torment ever looming in the void that bears the entirety of a lifetime of profound and profuse dissociation and errant remnants that seep through rifts in my cognitive dissonance catalyzed by hyper-observation and obsessive analysis.

Obsessive-Minded Observer of Human Behavior.
Lifelong Ardent Proponent for Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, Animal Rights, and Human Rights. Advocate for Mental Illness Awareness, LGBTQ Awareness, and Mindful Coexistence.
Feminist, Ailurophile, Musician, Dissident, Sediment, Triple-Scorpio, INFP, Emotional Reactive, Idealist, Adaptable Individual, Emotional Masochist, Would-Be Quasi-Philosopher, Exhibitionist of Potentially Any Number of Mental Disorders Bleeding Into Neurodiversity, Self-Appointed Honorary Jew, Terrestrial Whisperer, Grouchy Sleeper, Expressively Disabled, 188cm, Dilapidated Husk, Hyphen-User.
Former Exchange Student at Waseda Daigaku Koto Gakuin 早稲田大学高等学院 in Japan.
Bearer of No Actual Accomplishment.
Often Lovingly Pursued by Mantises [typically during nymph stage].
Friend to All Animals. Informed Critic of Questionable Male Behavior.

Obsessions: Nature, Philosophy, Camping, Geology, Petrology, Lapidary, Jewelry Making, Astronomy, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Music Composition, Cuddling Kitty Cats, Archaeology, Anthropology, Culinary Arts, Politesse, Aesthetics, Alliteration/Assonance/Consonance, Linguistics, Noam Chomsky, Exploration, Psychology, Whimsy, Mining, Hiking, Music Production, Procrastination, Laurence Olivier, Busking, Writing Poetry, Singing, Supporting & Encouraging Others, Existential Squander, John Linnell, Brooding, Blathering, Karl Marx, Being Wild, Laughing, Stargazing, Morrissey, Soporific Inebriation, Rescuing Animals, Subhumans, Overthinking, Gardening, Larry David, Impetuousness, Road-Tripping, Desert Nights, Homemade Cobbler from Scratch [both peach and cherry], Being ~triggered~ by Injustice, Wordplay, H.P. Lovecraft, Speaking Cat, Seeking Out Ghostly Encounters, Avoidance, Preparing Epic Feasts for Loved Ones, Cosmic Whispering, Music Theory, Shared Experience, Finding Natural Acoustic Resonance Chambers/Jamming In Them, Validating Others, Abstract Thought, Horticulture, Finding/Collecting Fossils, Absurdity, Sylvia Plath, Walking, Cringeworthy Puns, Obsessing, Watermelon, Chopin, Photoshop, Tripping, Being Confused, Collecting Books, Robert van Gulik, Thrift Shops, Effusiveness, Citing Obscure & Abstract References Through Humor, Waking Up to Cats Giving Birth On My Chest, Wire, Giving Compliments, Leonard Cohen, Louise Brooks, Noir, Trains, Recognizing Rhythms & Patterns, Bioelectromagnetics, Smoking, Hypnagogia, Lucid Dreaming, Hypocrisy, Autistic Inertia, Mountains, Pills, Desert, California, Making Memes, Agonizing Over Why It Is That People Seem to Take Themselves So Seriously, Artisan Crafts, Slacking, Karaoke Box, Being A Dork, History, Reading, Love, Communication, Unabashed Expression.

Shoes: Black Adidas Spezial w/White Stripes
Boxers: ”
Socks: I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Wearing White Socks

Loathes: Capitalism/Male Ego, Discrimination, Negativity, Ambivalence, Disregard, Unnecessary Negative Speculation, Argument, Machiavellism, Elitism, Any Belief That Institutes Harm Upon Others, Squandering of Mother Earth, Recalcitrance, Mockery, Irresponsible Coexistence, Conservatism, Disingenuousness [see definition], Corruption, Discriminatory/Vulgar Expletives, Impoliteness, Moping, Nepotism, Nickelback, Violence, Casuistry, Petulance, Being Accosted by Strangers, Gaslighting, Mockery, Crowds, Loud Sounds, Manipulation, Death Penalty, SEMANTICS, Dubious Syntax [of my own expression], Self.

Caregiver for Developmentally and Physically Disabled.
≈Human Being*.

*Kitty Catmira-new-july-picz-23

32 thoughts on “About Me (AKA ~Self-Idealization~)”

  1. I’m intrigued by your mention of “dubious” writing. Again, your words strike a cord with me. I have to stop and think about your meaning. This keeps my brain alert, which is a good thing for a young 60 year old. Thank you!

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    1. well, i use this word to express the sort of unsure element that i find pervades most things in life. in particular those of one’s own doing. i apply it to anything i create to convey first and foremost my feeling of not having actually created anything as i feel whatever i may come up with is solely some sort of subconsciously amalgamated work composed of the varied influences amassed throughout my lifetime. that and of course my own feeling that the quality of my work is dubious lol. i have difficulty appreciating my own writing as i imagine most would. i’ve only started writing in the last couple of years so i feel rather inept ;). i’m so happy to hear that anything i could express would resonate with another. it creates a tangible connection which is comforting somehow. i appreciate your taking the time to read anything i may or may not have written lol. and aren’t we all really just overgrown teenagers?

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  2. You are one extremely deep, wise, smart young man. I am not into poetry at all, however, I really, really loved the poem I first came across so much that I actually want to keep it taped up with all the other quotes and pieces that move and drive me. I checked out Scutty Lee. Good also. So glad we are joined together in this cosmic internet tribe.

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  3. I’ll go with cats, whimsy, inebriation, linguistics, archaeology, puns, reading, laughing, absurdity, wordplay, gardening… thanks for following our blog where you’ll find lots of absurdity.


  4. Pardon my familiarity, but Babycakes, you are MY kind of man! But for the division of time and space, we’d ride off together on white horses, tilting at windmills and winning. (however, I am highly allergic to cats, so maybe we’d best keep things online)
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”.


  5. Well, Max, after reading through this I can see you’re a proponent of rights for the underprivileged and handicapped, as well as equal rights for all. You sound a very caring person, and one who makes a very good friend. I doubt that your phrase ‘Bearer of No Actual Accomplishment’ is true – unless it’s specifically in reference to the Waseda Daigaku Koto Gakuin you attended in Japan (which probably isn’t likely, either).
    Nice to meet you – and your Kitty Cat – by the way. I’ll look forward to reading your posts.


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