not willfully

i claim no aim
to torture thee

my purpose airs a fleetingness
inherent to expression

ere hashtag-eras “#woeisme”
scant denizens dared
brave the streets

to heed the beckon
of echoes reflected
folding inward

the audience, oft none (plus one)
stayed reticent
shed naught but time

the rigmarole
of rhymes once wrought

to speak the spells
we’d solely sought

to soothe our souls
come Sunday’s sorrow

in the eyes of Eden

pray forgive this poem

for it forever holds this moment


3 Replies to “Lamenting”

  1. Lots of fun wordplay here, but I esp loved the repetition of the “ec” in “the beckon
    of echoes reflected” and the alliteration of R’s and S’s in the second half. 🙂


  2. Once again I laugh and nod and sigh at your amazing words.
    And those last two lines, how that’s played on my mind in different ways. I wonder about the times when people had no access to cameras.
    But I’m so very glad you do write poetry! 😁


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