social media rant revisited

depression sets in

cyclical perpetuity prying
clawing at the prefrontal cortex

altruistic assertions abundantly articulated
aimlessly amid atmospheres of apathetic arrogance

the pittance of positive people
professing palpable parable
is repeatedly passed over
spurned, and disparaged
for the perverted purpose of pandering
to the plight of pathetically puerile opponents
to placate their pathological penchant
for proliferated pandemonium

the spirit of selflessness
and subsequent sanctuary is subjugated
by solipsistic sentiments
that seem to spread
like pestilence plaguing the soporific populace

seeking to appease
the silent sect of surrogate shamers
tiptoeing through the treacherous tumult
presaging tales of omnipresent fear
with foreboding and pale trepidation

all too typically trivialized
by tiresome talk of intolerant tripe
tailored to tantalize stolid thinkers

in triumphant tantrums of truant intellect
inflecting in facetious affectation
fostering false intent so toilsome

tempting my intrinsic inclination
to defect and deactivate
with the hope of abating this state of inundated hatred
bred into my head by the hordes

of men faceless whose faith
one can only surmise to be heedless

so, needless to say my dismay
is with relevant reason
enough to release this lost soul
into sempiternal egress

17 Replies to “social media rant revisited”

  1. This is language that delights the ear, challenges the brain and sucks me into the rhythm. Particularly loved “proliferated pandemonium” Sometimes when I am listening to music I cannot just hear it, not just feel it, but actually see the notes if I close my eyes. This is a similar sensory experience. Well done my friend. Wishing you a happy holiday.

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  2. This reflects a work of an absolute genius. Truly Sublime. I think I’m in love with the way you write, it’s inspiring. The effortless alliteration and the subtle unfolding of the thoughts.. you’re brilliant you are, Max. I’m glad I found your beautiful blog. x

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  3. Max, you have the vocabulary of an Oxford university professor. Your command of the English language is masterful. The sentiment and subject of the poem couldn’t be more true. You are a genius my friend. Just outstanding.

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    1. Thank you for your considerate words Olde Punk. I must however, assert that the vast majority of my expression is primarily attributable to the influence of a woman who possesses the most amazing mind I have ever bore witness to. What I express is at best, a dubious facsimile lol. I’m fairly certain that I air more pompous as well. Though what good is subjective analysis anyway. I just wanted to give the appropriate credit where it is due, given the particular nature of your sentiment. lol halp me! i don’t seem to be capable of properly accepting a compliment! runs & hides

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