spoken word is often heard to herd our thoughts en masse
in subdivisions subject to succinctly shorn abash
with tethered tongue endeavor we to eloquently air
ineffable expressions deftly doled out so to spare
gauging our engagements with gratuitous refrain
allowing temporal allotment basis to abstain
from artfully articulating free to affectate
inflection efflorescing to reflect what best relates
when clearly this impairs our proper prepense to impart
by misappropriating that which would impel our heart
predictably afflicting our intended utterance
thus rendering our voice as ineffective abeyance
which leaves us floundering to falter ineffectual
destined to descend depths of diligence misconstrued
should we decree our thoughts conveyed to show evincible
we could forgo distraught dismay deemed reprehensible
for implications minced from assertation’s open end
are subject to inferences of infinite amend
thus, i submit commitment to the full breadth of nuance
in all asseveration to disseminate ensconce
for time must be considered far beyond the imminent
lest we spend all eternity on spurned expedience

13 Replies to “Elaboration”

  1. Master-level vocabulary and diction —makes for an almost musical quality in your verse.

    On a side note, “ensconce” is one of my favorite words (along with “eschew”), but I rarely find places to use it.

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    1. This is such a wonderful compliment to hear coming from someone of your caliber of literary expression. I have the utmost respect and regard for your writing and command of language. When I first read your work, it set a new standard for me to aspire to. I thank you for inspiring myself and others to strive for new heights of articulation and aesthetic ambiance. Writing like yours is what keeps me wanting to write.

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      1. If it seems like I was purposely avoiding replying to this comment, it’s because I was. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with you. I am just not used to receiving any kind of praise or recognition for my writing, so I had to dedicate some thought to my response.

        I’ve been writing poetry most of my life, but have kept it largely a secret. I don’t know if it’s been out of fear of criticism or because a great deal of my writing is deeply personal. Even my family is surprised when I share with them the odd poem.

        As a poet, I don’t see myself as being anything particularly special, but it makes me incredibly glad to hear that my words can motivate you. Don’t underestimate yourself, Max. You have an incredible reservoir of talent—believe me. When that levy breaks, the world had better look out.

        All I’ve ever aimed for is honesty in my poetry. With a goal like that, I think, you can’t really go wrong. If I’ve achieved that, then I’ve succeeded.

        Words cannot express my gratitude.

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        1. Nicholas, thank you for taking the time to reply in such a considerate and sincere way. I imagine that the mindful manner in which you engage the world around you is often overlooked in a world such as this. The things in life that are most worthy of recognition and appreciation most often are. It saddens me to imagine that you should ever feel fear of your incredible talent being criticized. Perhaps, particularly so because it is a fear that I personally relate to on such a deep level. I feel a strong connection to you through your expression, be it creatively or communicatively. I imagine that we share many similar experiences. And let there be no mistake, you are absolutely something special both as a poet and a human being. I have never before encountered such a unique voice of expression with such a robust and precise conveyance. Your writing exudes such a rich depth of character that is unique unto you and seems to genuinely reflect your person. I feel that I see you for the wonderful writer that you are, and I know that you have so much more to show to the world. Never doubt your abilities. You have my full support in this. Your words speak to those of us who are wont to suffer in silence. Please continue to let them be heard so that you might inspire others as you have myself. I appreciate you as a poet and as a human being. Thank you for being true to yourself.


    1. Thank you so much Christine. What you describe almost perfectly captures the feelings i experience in expressing myself through writing. I feel this same thing when I read your work as well. People like you make life beautiful.

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          1. you give me too much praise. on the contrary, it is i who feels like an impostor upon reading the incredible degree of literary and expressive prowess that everyone here displays. it definitely keeps me motivated.


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