seems a heedless haven

. . .~s t r e e t s  o f  g o l d~ . . . – wait,

. . . hold up!



how is it
this hallowed realm
doth duly misportray its martyr’s dreams usurped

hailing from emissions
of nocturnal fervor
rightly found in syndication
dancing beside the sugar plums
in any given dullard’s babble-bearing bobble-head

cringeworthy accounts sans dearth
of capitalistic >britches-be-gone<

vaunt-tat-taunting every sacred value
Jesus slaved to fetch a fallowed grave evincing

                               {mincing begets whincing}

Vercingetorix would carve a laureled wreath
into such domes of dormant doldrum

this, despite preceding Christ

i said it.
for i think it nice.

not so fast

for loosely foisted brain-bowls
tend to wander toward nether-regions

ever too so soon become ill-lodged
in man™’s uncanny valleys of regret

                      how grievous

forced to grant compliance
to his artificial acquiescence

sequelae awash in swells

where things once whispered hard to swallow
crawl with calls of cryptic credence

syntactical hacks dismissed

circumnavigating Styx
from truth’s new foxxxy-faux-pas antecedent

often hitched to slapdash rickshaws
hoisted to a long-tooth moon-rake
starkly seen while dragged in tow

so, you see, this is how they sow the seeds
which reap their hopes insidiously

all for stubborn coils of clouded keratin
to crop up quickly

draped in aught of April trine

puerile penchants prove intrinsic

cause, like,
the Babel told me so


• • •

let us now give pause
for prayer

go on,
“smoke ’em if you got ’em”

if not that
then slake a stranger

strip its thoughts

and, if you would then be so kind
i must implore thee
please slip on this peerless strap-on

run the flag right up the ol’ pole

gaily flaunt our disposition

ardent with self-flagellation
followed by, welp, adulation

audit-proof for honest adults
sedulous in God’s sedition

why it is
these thoughtless theses
trickle from my unborn mind*

*read: trundled tweets

now i went and did it
here we are, no
entertain yourselves

or don’t you care to spare a square
if consequence permits what’s written

skip the line ahead
i haven’t heard of such a band
but, Contra . . .

let us now combine our efforts
safely, though
as not to fret

since birthed, arriving on this turf
the Astro lost
and thus, departed

leaving me a vigilance due

rote with undisclosed discourse
or rather
this derp-(dork)-deemed-prose

readership this keen
would indicate your latest compromise

good for you
to be good to me


i mean, “goodnight, two-all” (

Illusion of Civility

the sentence of silence
so few dare to ponder

untold worlds so scarcely beheld

presumed to be something
altogether non-existent
if even regarded in any respect

a consequence foregone
not of their own doing

encountered, in most circumstances
thought only a burden

this, by the very ones
who had begotten their very existence

at best, ignored
at worst, and most typical, degraded
thought of as nothing
the list goes on
without end
as they are made to suffer
without further thought

taken only at face value
and that, of what merit?

living, breathing, feeling individuals
of infinite complexity
reduced to the confines
of our grave misperceptions

tucked away neatly in alternate circles
so that we might safely know not of their existence

shuffled away into quaint little busses
a vacuous vaunt to avail our insecurities
by insulting our peers

and them
were we ever thus made to withstand the affront of their presence

how callous and cruel could we possibly be?

and to dare think ourselves as being human

humanity begins in our wasteland of disregard

it is there where we will find
the base truth of our sympathy

these words offer nothing
but titular arrogance

ever so smitten
with our sculptures of charity

nary do any of us stand to comprehend
the scope of our blaringly blatant indiscretion

if such is the case
that even those closest related
are most guilty of all
in their failure to see
what their own eyes bear witness to

in its full scope

then what hope
if any
do we stand as a species?

our civilization
can only be gauged
by our treatment of those
not given a voice

subject to the mercy
of choices
made by those left to speak for them

and by this
i submit
our civility
is naught
but the grandest
of all our illusions

[image credit: Georges Barbier]

Summer’s Stay

it is only
by your hand

that i have ever known
of happiness

in the days
of verdant fleeing

than could fill the eye

it was you
and i
as nature

sprawling Rosy Fairy Lantern’s light
through Mustang Clovers
endless rows
arose Sierra Columbine
and Blazing Stars
of Indian Paintbrush
on the lake
along with Larkspur
and Lupine

i must confess
the scented prism
of your tresses

my waking dream

a golden emergence

in shaded respite
the world would shrink
like boulders slow succumb
to sand

analyzing every aspect
quantum flecks
to speckled skies

all i ever cherished
lay beside me

in the squander
of youth

not a word
was left unheard

as brief
as summer’s stay

[image credit: Ansel Adams]


to have arrived
is to die

I have since
surrounded myself
with cut-out cardboard
reconfigured with no particular preference

staples and tape

to ward off the hatred

a color completely devoid
of vindictiveness

the windowless model is quite suitable

for I have not the time
to look up
and ahead

I am far too caught-up
in this whole “being dead” thing

oh, what a dreadful façade

[image credit: Jan Toorop]


the paradox of a promise
one cannot hold

known so well

ask not why

anxiously fleeing
leaden clouds
of dusted wake

and coerced ruination

the black horizon

heaven, pray forgive me


but the bleakest silence
can allay these blighted days

tempting the mirrored gate

it reveals

that it is time

[image credit: Pablo Picasso]

Forever Fraught

my predilection toward effusion
may dismay those not departed
cause affront to taste’s convention
leave apologists half-hearted

warrant thrashings deemed most sound
even by standards presumed modest
instigate revolt profound
and draw the ire of known Jihadists

nonetheless, i persevere
for this is all i have to offer
even if it sparks despair
in devotees of Geoffrey Chaucer

some will find my manner trying
some think it obsequious
those astute are found descrying
how i air somniloquous

their opinions might be worthy
to those of aesthetic merit
but thou must understand, surely
that i am not wont to hear it

therefore, i shall e’er regale thee
with this vomitous onslaught
at a frequency seen daily
leaving thee forever fraught


[image credit: Louis Wain]