Scopolamine Politics

politics are a deplorable pastime
comprised of deceit, propaganda, and tyranny
bands of backhanded obsequious sycophants
falsely commanding our homelands through villainy

such disingenuousness is repugnant
a word i purloined from a Garbage Pail Kid
that those so disgraceful could be so indignant
in light of the scandalous things that they did

and they did, you better believe that shit’s true
and like pawns we allow it through cognitive bias
it sickens me to imagine me and you
enabling all these notorious liars

but they are proactive in their preparation
by keeping the public sect preoccupied
with such utterly insignificant refuse
which fools are so feverishly wont to abide

the power they brandish is born of the weakness
that people succumb to which works without fail
beholden to spurious trappings of ego
nefarious plots regularly prevail

meanwhile, as poverty levels are peaking
privileged white men mendaciously collude
sheepishly ploying whilst safely partitioned
the subjects of their subjugation, subdued

with media pandering disinformation
to desperate masses as malleable as clay
susceptible to psychological swaying
while of the impression they have any say!

and then there are those of religious-borne zealotry
doggedly-obstinate, self-righteous drones
so all-consumed by their fervid delusions
they willfully wreak what cannot be atoned

supinely supplying their supplicant services
ready to die in the name of their god
devoted to repopulating the planet
by heedlessly spreading their seed’s bane abroad

religion and politics closely relate
in that they both facilitate social disparity
granting the breadth of wealth, knowledge, and power
to less than one fucking percent of humanity!

if such things sit well with you, be on your way
for i haven’t the time to expend on futility
i won’t commit to conferring with crusaders
hell-bent on exacting hell-borne realities



[image credit: Unknown]



spoken word is often heard to herd our thoughts en masse
in subdivisions subject to succinctly shorn abash
with tethered tongue endeavor we to eloquently air
ineffable expressions deftly doled out so to spare
gauging our engagements with gratuitous refrain
allowing temporal allotment basis to abstain
from artfully articulating free to affectate
inflection efflorescing to reflect what best relates
when clearly this impairs our proper prepense to impart
by misappropriating that which would impel our heart
predictably afflicting our intended utterance
thus rendering our voice as ineffective abeyance
which leaves us floundering to falter ineffectual
destined to descend depths of diligence misconstrued
should we decree our thoughts conveyed to show evincible
we could forgo distraught dismay deemed reprehensible
for implications minced from assertation’s open end
are subject to inferences of infinite amend
thus, i submit commitment to the full breadth of nuance
in all asseveration to disseminate ensconce
for time must be considered far beyond the imminent
lest we spend all eternity on spurned expedience

Every Thought Denied Existence

Every thought denied existence
Lingers long in realms of rue
Just as truths untold persist
Subconsciously in shades imbued

To our known ideal of self
We struggle in estranged subdue
What is shown through what is held
Is often not revealed eschewed

On this fickle precipice
Lie all expressions fraught with fear
Hanging on the impetus
Of what impressions wrest our peers

If our minds are left to excess
Overburdened, undermined
Ever will impending duress
Govern what things we may find

Still, with stubborn heads relentless
Silencing the heart’s desire
Suffer as these false intentions
Surface surfeit of our ire


those who judge have not yet walked
in footsteps whence life lived was wrought
that sunken soil shall level all
left standing in the place we fall
cast not a stone, with guilt bar none
for naught is known, alone as one
to take such solace in the wrath
imagined of another’s path
will yield a world of false ideals
fantasy told as though real
though dubious, remain devout
and grant the benefit of doubt
we must heed what the mirror reveals
reflections of our hearts concealed
should we forsake this one known truth
then humans are as humans do

A Siren Emblazoned of Sin

drenched in onyx ocean’s armor

army of solitude sheathe

content with nothing less than ardor

that writhes like tempestuous seas

her words sting inflection most dual

where notions of knowing concede

subverting convention though cruel

auspiciously sowing her seed

immutable thoughts put upon her

dry as mercurian mead

visage besotted with somber

neath crimson devonian sweep

as remnants are rent upon her wake

embellishing tempest allures

the advent of all one would forsake

to relish in context so pure

but nary a tale ere hath regaled

in squalid halls of ill repute

for fear of the wrath which she impales

once bold turned to stolid refute

should eyes sympathize her meander

with haste caution cast upon wind

a wicked demise thou wouldst pander

a siren emblazoned of sin

Wistful Expire

wayward sprawl swallow
now this fetid coil
dull and diminished
as wrought steel in toil
sinuous loom of ethereal tense
pen courting
indelible consequence
speckled array born
of absent remains
silence embracing
the advent of change
entropy tranquil
soft somatic seel
allaying dismay
bled of wray unto wheel
opium skies
shadow tinged stringent eyes
fades the subconscious mind
welled wisps soon felled
as dost life quell desire
where worlds listless
persist in wistful expire