my kittens

if not for my kittens
i would not have cuddles
nor would i have solace or peace

my threshold for humans
would suffer immensely
with sights fixed upon the cerise

my world, a disaster
imperiled by imposters
whose impetus warrants no trust

my daily routine
would become so mundane
and my facial expression, nonplussed

my soul, long since sold
to an evil untold
wont to tread on my pittance of mirth

yes, if not for my kittens
as true as is written
i would indeed, undo my birth


lies unsaid

the expression
ever inbound

never strays
beyond its burden

with the essence
of our haplessness

what truths
remain unknown

between the narrows
of the flesh

this mind

a primitive perspective

to tell me

of ideals
waxed implicit

born of instinct

yet all
that would define us

lies unsaid

w/o cats

lo, without cats
there is naught

but ostentatious hordes
of vermin

restive nights
bereft of reason

down the dwindled path

wistful wants
of fitful fervor

to slakeless sovereigns

in the self-bound prison

of a cruel indoctrine

sans thy furred companion

to tend the toil of humans

gone are purrs
that soothed thy sorrow

for the noose of morrow

mother nature marred
with chaos

by deus ex machina

no longer valid

riddled with patina

by man’s incessant malice

without the feline bounty 

a hopeless wasteland

from its god ailuric 

hollow shells

fear is antithetical
to everything we hold so dear
the impetus born of impotence
fomenting civil disrepair

when doting on the self, preserved
absurdity presumes its place
our ethics become bastardized
until we fall into disgrace

how boundless is the unknown sky
whose breadth of freedom lingers nigh
’til ignorance besets the heart
and wrests the mind of its comply

no solace for a soul condemned
when exiled by the ego’s id
redemptive reins are soon forgone
replaced by trustless narratives

whose bias stirs an untold ire
as fires unfold before our face
our conscience lost amid its remnants
fostering what fate conspires

such conclusions since foregone
e’er culminate the darkened dawn
spirits bereft of fulmination
spinning in their spires like pawns

with resolve and voice surrendered
frightened by our shadowed self
we turn away from all the world
to wallow in our hollow shells