to the hungry umbrage
spindly wraiths
spill ruination
arms athwart
absorb nullity
boots and RIFs
soon disavowed

whistling timbres
so precise
held brimstone fists stripped
knuckled white
waried faith
lest bullets showered
dulled the Duster pastorales

plucked like florets
bare and breathless
strafing nightly
saw them felled
prowess at imperil’s onset
sweat poured down
a poor man’s brow
loud as telegraphed
like wingless flies

birds took to the sky
in errant
bursts of aril
none were spared
crimson horrors
void of rinsing
from the hands
of shellshocked minds

blind are days
since hell became us
land of freedom
man as god
sadist thieves
left grief besotted
rotting leaves
pinned to dead air

Pasting the Past Into the Present

a poem is but
a restive cluster
onto pages
with our frantic
fears conspicuously
calling out
for rescue

meticulously poring through
decrepit thoughts
of hoarded visions
kiss to tryst
to triste
in a blissful
before sediment
comes nigh
where sighs undress
our destitute descries

calculated coalescence
pandering our pride’s
priviest imprints
curling chips of paint
exposing throes
of yesterdays

sacred cruxes
born before
our burgeoning bereavement
from whence all
embarking destined
for a distant hearken
poised to be
impartially presented
in pretentiously penned
to pierce our peers
to sate this
untold inquisition

Petaled Trails

i walked
a lone procession

in the blossoming
wake of a cherry
bloom daydream

in thought
as threnodies
cried peals
of Zeus’wrath

in a gaze

counting down
each drowning

tread upon
tremulant flesh
yet shone anew

as our minds
fell behind
racing hearts

to bridge
the frigid waters

on that day
when i long held

as the subtle sky
with your song

Sacred Trivialities

we ride
this boundless wave

from crest
to crash
in chaos
crushing shrieks
and drowning cries

in the undertow

through waters
of an unknown quest

sinuating circumstances
tend this surface tension

as each action
scatters sentences
in capillary sequences
of curious inconsequence

where quantum rifts
soon shift to cosmic

drifting upon caustic wake

it is in that squallish whisper
when the hands of fate uplift us

sifting through our sins

in graceless cringing
and grimaced chagrin

gravity turns inverse

severing us
from our sanctimonious symbols
and sacred trivialities

we once revered
with fierce resolve
our lives revolved
with every round

all soon found
to have been
profundity’s antithesis

arriving at the genesis
of cyclical rebound

reborn and disavowed
in distant visions
of the now

Not Even Death

when everything
is gone
nothing matters

the only place
you still exist
is barely even tangible

but you don’t care
no one cares

not even death

and so it persists

Shores of Implore

plastic melts
like sugared air
and time conforms
to nothing

songs persist
through voices shared
with context
ever shifting

if only
you could walk beside me
on these planes
of swallowed hope

placid seas
would then return us
this will never be

Stranded On the Precipice

death escaped
my hands

and left me

standing at the altar

the emptiness
received me
like a self-
inflicted wound

in a room
adorned with trinkets of trifle

faintly linking
my alter-ego
to this faux land

of vaulted heart
and vapid mind

where visions turn
to learn

of their inbound

this blunderous aberration
has no station

nor foot
to find it steady

a cistern of depleted days
precedes each ghastly step
in protest

on the precipice
of a sempiternal impasse

surely they jest
upon questioning
assent to my depression

such pain belies
its own expression

and politesse yet stays
my tongue

As Sorrows Bleed

meet me
where the shadows drift
from who we are

where waning tides
reveal the rift
that weeps
into the stars

wrap me
amid layers
of a long
forgotten kiss

our voices
led astray
upon the solace
of your lips

shake me
to the rhythm
of our innocence

pray not let us
into a conscious
state of lies

for all
this world
has proven
but torment in reprise

and so
we take our leave
as sorrows bleed
for you and i

Realm of Influence

ever closer

to the air

which will grant
my final breath

until then

i am

between this
untold boulder

and life

A Brief Importance

in days of dust
and clouded haze
sing silent whispers
amid resignation

where muted martyrs
beckon forth
a call to arms
at arm’s length, lost

dull, broken banter
obscuring cries
as empty bottles
fill out our fears

skies loom strewed
with vacant signs
to feed the void
of eyes so vain

the passive ardor
adorning glass
peers through our window
in blighted light

a hand lay cold
on shoulder spurned
fixed in the moment
without flinching

when dusk came sweeping
the people waned
a brief importance
then saw me home

Every Day

every day
we awaken

edging ever closer
to oblivion

can say
how or when

some dare
ask why

only one
to find

i for you
i for i

[Artwork: M.C. Escher]

A Friend’s Goodbye

my dear old friend
what end has come
by no means just
to live this dream
from which your eyes cannot awaken
who dares to rob this vacant hell
from one so true
we knew so well

who’s laugh was always our’s to share
by which i mean “our” family
you had scrapped your way
inside hearts sworn rigid without erring

a friend of genuine regard
protector of my sisters’ honor
our mister Jesse “Lame” Stamper
my brother time forgot to spare

such vital energy once coursing
through the veins as though my own
but yours was rife with staunch resolve
and none have since dared
prove such courage
surging taller than what heights
a man could bear to fall

cowardice lurks veiled inside
all stations of men ever known
no dignity near consequent
that could outshine your valor
all that mattered shone inside
the love for those you held

years have sunken silten seabed
whence we cried out “punk is dead!”
to myself, i have lied
just to say those words
and tears not shed

on that day, when first i learned
of darkness, that could not be heard
it struck me like a sun combusting
fulgurant in its static pulse

6 years ever as my senior
trapped in surpassing each one
tripped up in a past illusion
somehow ripped right from the stars

Jesse, you are with us always
like the ink that left its mark
love etched into the flesh forever
lives on within our minds and hearts

To Know the Sun

to know the sun
as one
through undulance
of torrid rapt

sinuous striations
will bathe the faceless faith
in blazing pools of light’s decay

to sway into the soiree
where we swore
dying embrace
to flee
the serpent’s tongue of twain

ascending rungs
to dire reunion
volatile like titian rain
could pierce the earthen aegis

the exigence of genesis rages

this blissed assimilation
drips salted seas of sweltering cries

when comes the day
where open paths show broken sky
falling asunder
into the sun

with breathless freedom
and purpose found

rant of existential fallout

i’m having a false memory about a dream i once had in which we all existed inside of a forgotten pocket of time that had folded in upon itself and transmuted into a vibrational frequency of such dynamic harmonic resonance that encompassed the entirety of all things both quantum and cosmic on a spectrum of infinite looping which so enraptured our corporeal coils in an ensconcing of such esoteric acquiescence that we instantaneously interspersed into the essence of our absence in transcendence to placid dimensions of eminence and omnipresent consciousness that spanned the heavens far beyond the liquid crystal windows through which we present ourselves as denizens in varied states of indiscretion vetting the significance of cognizance amid existence venting to avail our failings falling from our fleshy prisons vying to compose a comprehensive version of our vision through the vices implemented to prevent the avaricious evils that have sequestrated every living soul inside of silent isles of self-exile meanwhile their wastrel lusting spurns our precious chance to dance with freedom compromising all that we had ever grasped into an astral dust then scattered shattering the poignancy that once we stood to gain but rather than forgo the ego they would sooner let go of the reigns whence they had commandeered in vain through poisoning the coursing veins of mother nature with disdain and disregard imparted by their phantom hearts of darkness drowning in disreputable logic marred by hyperbolic deviants colluding with the devil deftly orchestrating devolution of every amalgamation made up of the molecules that rule our only known subsistence in this distant form that undulates between the egress of our fated path from womb to tomb to aftermath whose ingress we are left to guess in ponderance of great distress so dauntingly ubiquitous the impetus of our bequest

Beneath a Bellowing Sky

i once awoke
so thinly disguised

as compromise

drew lulling tears

until i was shaken
by words unheard

from thoughts

of consequence

these walls
where echoes go

to greet death

as throes
of discontent

and gloaming bathe
the hollow hearts

beneath a bellowing sky

A Tranquilness

where scarlet roads seeped into sentience
below the escarpment of ire
a tranquilness pierced all dimensions
unfolding in plumes of expire
as dire as the atoms dividing
despair courting burdensome skies
a chaos of static illusion
yet lingers in mem’ries denied


brief to behold
retold as sweet sorrow
as daylight unfolds
and hours become borrowed

a tragic seclusion
walls rusted with death
impassioned delusions
seek mustering breaths

but long have the seasons
shone cyclical sun
where dawn winces reason
through cryptic webs spun

as tall as a fall’s tale
as broad as the sky
embalmed inside black shale
and wallowing sighs

a grim inquisition
brings ground underfoot
where dimly lit prisons
sing sounds of refuting

As Fire Afflicts Antilogous Pole

errant wafts of ghostly whispers struggle to sway
but their words fall in magnetic arrest
boring through terrestrial layers

when furnace beckons

sorrowed drops have inscribed twin vales upon this sallow shell
fallow, bereft of fleeting filament
hours composed of decomposing
poised to frivol away

as fire afflicts antilogous pole

Wistful Expire

wayward sprawl swallow
now this fetid coil
dull and diminished
as wrought steel in toil
sinuous loom of ethereal tense
pen courting
indelible consequence
speckled array born
of absent remains
silence embracing
the advent of change
entropy tranquil
soft somatic seel
allaying dismay
bled of wray unto wheel
opium skies
shadow tinged stringent eyes
fades the subconscious mind
welled wisps soon felled
as dost life quell desire
where worlds listless
persist in wistful expire

Breaching Fast the Dark Horizon

divergent blades of earthen skin
stretching to escape their reflection
run the length that given time
will find them in each other’s arms

for in that distance, life becomes them
gaining loss, the cost of knowledge
senses dulled to shine the surface
barely sealing in gray matter

searching for the songs that struck
the core of all desires adopted
haplessly stumbling headfirst
into the unknown symphony

every refrain holds its truth
that only retrospect can tell
present states confuse with purpose
phrases blur to stay the hour

culled amalgam worn to worn
each its own reflection’s mirror
marred by moments etched in stasis
paraphrased by remnants squandered

once; as all that never was
must collide and shape anew
where the paths now come together
time persists as non-existent

passages and wayward exits
bound by universal law
jumbled masses huddled so low
breaching fast the dark horizon