Love Most Valid

arid mist
of rhapsodic

long sought
to dismantle
the essence
only to reveal
its Gestalt

attenuous tenets
composed of pretense

to valence

but love validates
through open commune
of fluid mind

with trust
respect and
shared silence

nascent intimacy
airs triumphant

while astute observation
inherently deferent

for these are the matters
of consequence revered

Sacred Trivialities

we ride
this boundless wave

from crest
to crash
in chaos
crushing shrieks
and drowning cries

in the undertow

through waters
of an unknown quest

sinuating circumstances
tend this surface tension

as each action
scatters sentences
in capillary sequences
of curious inconsequence

where quantum rifts
soon shift to cosmic

drifting upon caustic wake

it is in that squallish whisper
when the hands of fate uplift us

sifting through our sins

in graceless cringing
and grimaced chagrin

gravity turns inverse

severing us
from our sanctimonious symbols
and sacred trivialities

we once revered
with fierce resolve
our lives revolved
with every round

all soon found
to have been
profundity’s antithesis

arriving at the genesis
of cyclical rebound

reborn and disavowed
in distant visions
of the now

Stranded On the Precipice

death escaped
my hands

and left me

standing at the altar

the emptiness
received me
like a self-
inflicted wound

in a room
adorned with trinkets of trifle

faintly linking
my alter-ego
to this faux land

of vaulted heart
and vapid mind

where visions turn
to learn

of their inbound

this blunderous aberration
has no station

nor foot
to find it steady

a cistern of depleted days
precedes each ghastly step
in protest

on the precipice
of a sempiternal impasse

surely they jest
upon questioning
assent to my depression

such pain belies
its own expression

and politesse yet stays
my tongue

Let Your Soul Flow


Some dude I once knew told me it was imperative that I should convey the message that he loves every one of you and that he understands that each one of us is a human being each with our own infinite array of cosmically complex experiences that are not to be judged by any person, including oneself. Life is but an ever-changing series of briefly nuanced eras. Each one with its own uniquely distinct energy signature that we experience in vibrational frequencies existing only within that moment. Cherish these feelings, for the only time we may ever again be able to taste such moments is in the ethereal realm of our dreamscapes in the hypnagogic aftermath of a soporific sentience.

In spite of life’s discord and dissonance that might leave you feeling otherwise, the fact is you are loved and appreciated. We needn’t the crutch of frail words which might fail us. Our presence is one of effusive fluorescing that reaches the farthest filaments of reality.  it is impossible for any matter, be it living, non-living, corporeal, or non-corporeal to traverse this cryptic chaos without the interchange of energy on a scale most prolific.  Our actions, regardless of their magnitude, affect countless things.  Though one might have not yet been privy to such truths, the fact is that their essence is known, loved, and appreciated by potentially infinite instances of consciousness that span a contiguous flow.

The nature of existence is the ebb and flow of all things leading into balance. It is necessary for us to disengage at times so that we may grow and learn independently of others. The journey of understanding is one composed of many companions but the processing of its components can only take place within ourselves. Please take care not to mistreat yourself, nor others. We are here solely by infinitely random chance. These forms which we inhabit are frail and susceptible to all forces including those which we are unable to see or comprehend. Every second of our reality is unique unto itself, yet, is also synced to the eternal singularity of space and time.

Let us revel in the vibrations of loving energy that inhabit this realm of sempiternity. And let us not be swayed by the happenstance of this physical plane that seems so rife with unfathomable anguish and despair. Our cognizance is born of perceptual context. We cannot know beauty without knowing its suffering.  Vortical balancing is the eternal state of all things. We must allow for this truth lest we create an internal imbalance leading to the exacerbation of our own existential entropy.

Energy must be allowed to flow through all dimensions in its natural state of fluidity. When any form thereof is left to stagnate, it will manifest in toxic and harmful ways. Let it flow through you as is was meant to. Give and receive love freely but never attempt to harvest nor harbor it. Allow yourself the freedom of this cosmic coalescence. Love is the force that connects all things. This is why I can truly say that I love you and why you can know this to be true.

Let the universe flow through your soul as your soul flows through the universe.

❤ Max

As Sorrows Bleed

meet me
where the shadows drift
from who we are

where waning tides
reveal the rift
that weeps
into the stars

wrap me
amid layers
of a long
forgotten kiss

our voices
led astray
upon the solace
of your lips

shake me
to the rhythm
of our innocence

pray not let us
into a conscious
state of lies

for all
this world
has proven
but torment in reprise

and so
we take our leave
as sorrows bleed
for you and i

Thy Beauty

thy beauty,

to parchment

pan silvery waves

as time
to squander

the frailest shade
of a vespertine avail

listless seas

sweet aureate

how verily
i doth adore
thy sighing wells
of svelte

To Fall

to fall

into the unknown

where lovers

words like
bleed lament

corpses heed

but their own



is more
than just

morbid salvation

where shunned
is reprieve

on sleeves

as weary

in storms
of contrarian


by one

to walk
into scarcity

the sun’s skin

where verity

of time’s

Final Frame

i awaken
into dream

the essence so precise
a place
i know so well
it seems

this feeling
permeates every aspect
of my being

where i can
never again
to be

time has turned


for the life
of me

i cannot
discern disparity


my conscious mind
soon finds
the glass rift

as what was once
life shifts

the past
sight amiss

all is ripped
from this fervid grasp

in that fleeting
final frame

of perfect



we experience
our own expression

in the form of dreams

our subconscious
is the peripheral landscape

flourishing between
the diametrical opposition
of a contiguous mirror

as we stand
in the midst
of chaotic illusion

alluding to the infinity
persisting in each dimension

and that
of our existence
within every aspect
of eternity

as ourself

as everything
and nothing

in perpetual states
of entropic balancing

behind the masquerade
of conscious awareness

through the cosmic filter
of relevant perception


Freedom of Words

i have never written

these words
are not

these thoughts
i may

to some degree

i act
as the filter

through which
the collective
by this feeble form


to the world

my expression
does not belong
to me

for i am unable
to behold its presence

our words belong

to one another

just as love

no dominion

but persists
in the form
of all things

in every temporal instance
as the one

of our existence

thank you
for sharing
in this experience

Every Day

every day
we awaken

edging ever closer
to oblivion

can say
how or when

some dare
ask why

only one
to find

i for you
i for i

[Artwork: M.C. Escher]

The Silence of Surrender

These thoughts of you
Invade my every waking sense

Weakening with bated breath
Wreaking chaos
In roseate efflorescence

I walk the edges of eternity
Faltering at every step
through faults of amphicheiral aching

Where fragments form our firmament
To compose in erstwhile prose
And wistful reclamation

Transposing woes
Into frozen waves of piercing
Shattering on stuttered shores
Of dormant adoration

Awakening the ardor
Of dreams lost to translation

Where stardust softly tends
The silence of surrender

Cast Reflections

a mirror stood
before me

i hesitated to look

for fear of seeing

the ugliness
the weakness

the shame
cast to seas of sorrow

the skewed mouth
and squinting eyes

the furrowed brow of condemnation

the cowardice of complacency

the body
time forsook

the heart left to bleed
on sleeves of insolence

wincing reprieve

i strained to raise my head
to actually look
at the abomination
splayed supinely
before me
for all to see

but foreign was this frail affliction
that watched my fears
fade into light

through windows
of my own humanity

to see the world within myself

as myself within the world

Astral Assimilation

as i peered
behind the veil
of black damask
a plundering gaze
deconstructed me
allaying consequence

all realms succumbed
to the crucifixion
of time itself

a relevance entombed
days past
to find my countenance

at last

reason itself was redefined

as blissful semblance
enshrouded my listless senses

precious sands
sifted into rifts

adrift, i stood
on shifting ground
as echoes torn
from lost dimensions

in a boundless burst
of cosmic influx
to lift the curse
of gravity’s crux
like dust
into blustery plumes
of ruminant sediment
strewed asunder

for Venus

her words give birth
to songbirds
arranged in strange striations

and when they call
all the heavens
start to fall as wintry feathers

into the mercy
of an erstwhile whisper

from pursed lips
pricked with petaline pigments

in otherworldly waves
she bathes the light

without her semblance
all is but for naught

to doubt her tenor
fate should heed to falter not

for it is she alone
who shall usher in the dawn


smoldering tears well
stinging grievous rain
as quietus quells chaos
composing in prose
of a melting maiden’s mien
to drown in throes of discord
and dreams sown stoic
of woeful implore
e’er whorling
like galaxies bereaved of light anew

rant of existential fallout

i’m having a false memory about a dream i once had in which we all existed inside of a forgotten pocket of time that had folded in upon itself and transmuted into a vibrational frequency of such dynamic harmonic resonance that encompassed the entirety of all things both quantum and cosmic on a spectrum of infinite looping which so enraptured our corporeal coils in an ensconcing of such esoteric acquiescence that we instantaneously interspersed into the essence of our absence in transcendence to placid dimensions of eminence and omnipresent consciousness that spanned the heavens far beyond the liquid crystal windows through which we present ourselves as denizens in varied states of indiscretion vetting the significance of cognizance amid existence venting to avail our failings falling from our fleshy prisons vying to compose a comprehensive version of our vision through the vices implemented to prevent the avaricious evils that have sequestrated every living soul inside of silent isles of self-exile meanwhile their wastrel lusting spurns our precious chance to dance with freedom compromising all that we had ever grasped into an astral dust then scattered shattering the poignancy that once we stood to gain but rather than forgo the ego they would sooner let go of the reigns whence they had commandeered in vain through poisoning the coursing veins of mother nature with disdain and disregard imparted by their phantom hearts of darkness drowning in disreputable logic marred by hyperbolic deviants colluding with the devil deftly orchestrating devolution of every amalgamation made up of the molecules that rule our only known subsistence in this distant form that undulates between the egress of our fated path from womb to tomb to aftermath whose ingress we are left to guess in ponderance of great distress so dauntingly ubiquitous the impetus of our bequest

Where Lost Time Stands Still

a faltering state of mind
calls this pittance to arms
the paltriest paradigm
of pandering charms
defaulting to circumstance
chants ruing the day
in vaults of indignance
locked deftly away
a vacuous feeling
since stolen from god
that once seemed appealing
now dolent and odd
beyond every precipice
where lost time stands still
and thoughts of our sins escape
from cells of spent will
but dare never to look back
lest our sanity fall
from blight into blackness
confined to mute walls
constructed of naught but
our lies and laments
in reveries e’er fraught
with heaven’s repent


hopelessly conforming to our cognitive contrivances
in clandestine displays displacing confluence of ideas
imbued upon incumbents of internalized inferences
incessantly impugning the perceptions deemed as real
in paltry portions pacifying, passively portrayed
for purposes supposing sempiternity simplistic
as space which occupies the oppositional array
presumed as dispositions predisposed to false depictions
encrypted by the cruxes of dysfunctions which pervade
with predilection fixed on flights of bold dissociation
disparities defining our delusions and dismay
that separate our fates from our accountability
to fortify the mechanisms meant to mend the breaching
where pieces preaching solipsism seep into our mind
from failing to reach out into extrinsic realms surrounding
if found would then invoke such visions previously veiled
availing of an evolution poised with lucid aplomb
permitting us to own the implications of our wrath
imparted to our conscience, conscientiousness most sound
that we might better understand all aspects of existence
with balance from auspicious valence, hope might then compound

Poem for You

felidae entwine mine spirit
framed in frozen timeworn heights
such fate falls but once and only
molecules meet tongue in haste

curse this mind of echoed refuse
not allowing facile form
feelings of effusive freedom
bear no call to fault obscured

solace finds me in our silence
lost dimensions shift in shadows
lifting upward with release
let us now slip into slumber

crucial is the word we ravish
flushed, our lips defy known rapture
press your precious pith devoutly
pallid flesh smites potent implore

oh my noble lexic seraph
so do i adore thy mooring
tears of urgent surging wells
arrive us on the tide’s reprieve

needn’t are we to besiege
each of our own affliction’s ire
for we are as we ever shall be
bonding infinite depiction