Tales Untold

into a crowded room

will that moment leave me

they barked their orders

all but one
was made to follow

for reasons unknown

they beat him

heavy metal
tracers did surround his face

like a dog
in death throes

for some form of mercy

it kept creeping toward me

his ever growing pool
of fresh blood

it stopped

until they dragged him
to the room adjacent

ragged stewards
rushed in with mops

frantic to erase
the cold truth

blaring from the
windowed hallway

they struck him

struck him

was there any question

this man
had done nothing wrong

all that they had seen
was black

the color of his human flesh

for what it seemed
he surely passed

neither the first
nor the last

is the call for justice

plastic badges
shine as gold

their will
at leisure

as black men suffer
tales untold


this pithy endeavor

shadows of dust
masquerading through time

i looked away

to barrenness

the warmth
of her touch

insisted eternity

how quickly
it vanished

through open eyes

this sand
shifts beneath us

swallowing memories

until we are hollow

of our sentiments

i still walk beside her

in spectral snow

when all
turned to nothing

and she was no longer

and i

left behind

[image credit: Odilon Redon]

In Life

of the mind
by self-imposed design
the designated driver
of a maladaptive
dislocated sediment
intent on masochistic dreams
essential to the martyrdom
indoctrinated by a matriarch
of drastic sadist aspect
etched upon
wretched projections
usurped by alienation
parchment poisoned
by a plucked pen
paraphrasing false-inflections
pulse diminished
redress of aloof forsaking
rooftops shunned
by dawn’s awaken
caustic disclaim
trained on trauma
interred at the infirm
spun of silk
encased chrysalis
incrementum in reverso
verses of accursed squalor
umbral indigent
in freefall
following in footsteps
fading faster than
the self-effacing
imbrue of inebriation
seesawing with undulation
diametric poles
in flux
de facto devolution
folding inward
on the precipice
event horizon somnolent
a fate inferred
and self-fulfilled
through flustered blurs
of blighted pills
spilling the inner-light
and stirring dust to volant heights
in violent hues of tapered will
through eyes of silent dearth
and death as breath escaping
flights of fury
cilice of a soul
unfurling life
like crimson shed
in water
blissful skies of sought ensconcing
molded by the want of naught
but for the promise
of demise eternal
more than earned
in life

[image credit: Harry Clarke]

Eve of No Tomorrow

lay your thoughts
upon my pillow

willows whisper
winds serene

tales unfold
composed of kisses

lost in silent reverie

this night beckons
ever urgent

argent skies
immersed in light

as the stars
succumb to ruin

tranquil drops
well in your eyes

[image credit: Kay Nielsen]



never were worlds so condensed


crushing sounds of chaos crashing


the eve of shattered shells

shackled in rippling clamor

torn beyond arm’s length


bracing memories of bartered being

the aching void of absent panacea


toiling for passage

the sting of earned lament


forthwith abandoned

to stations conflicted by minds unsound

long trodden in tumult’s refrain


what burdens we carry in these chains we so cherish

fighting the sins born of heaven

hammering down upon hapless casts of dissevering clay


complexions so fragile

never straying from the vaulted eden of  sanity’s mind


ceaseless hordes

in planate procession


fools fraught with erstwhile fixation

betraying the worth of the words carved unyielding


through the infamy of torrid tempest

feigned in fluster

with haste, forgotten


but some flourish ephemeral


~querabus in acquiescence

nonpareil without parallel~


sweltering seamen scout the echoing seas

to plunder the gifts of god’s glory


treasures unknown

to inhabit our hearts


belying these stagnant disfigured illusions


should gentle grace ameliorate

and the rapids arrive at a quietus lull


-they say voices spout melodies stealing the wind-


and here,

this pen spreads jilted verse with piteous affectation

in shades of redundant avowal


this, the pilfer of poets and priests

only in the threads of ethereal thought, does truth reign


neither bound by scientific bane

nor beholden to  idle slight of ideal


the essence of knowledge sublime


that we find the one

and the other in spirit

when realms of spent flesh beckon nigh


we shall yet persist      –      in tether and thyme


the warmth of unspoken goodwill

stirs the ocean’s heart humble

like the fiery swells of our wounded earth’s rain


a feeling which none are to have known

ere we wander into the borealis of the soul’s aura


wading into the florid confluence

to taper off in eased undulation

neath the umbral sway of a burgeoning berth

[image credit: Tallmadge Doyle]

Expire & Expel

our path has been chosen
by extrinsic forces
of dubious nature
on dangling carrots

posture and pith
from prostrate pathologies
intended to mend
fallow marrow maligned

strike hard
with thy naked appendage

rend the high heavens
to tend thy text of crimson

in sidelong assumption

asserting to assuage the rage
riling others

a scythe
guarding blighted complexions

inflections of fiction
and lucid diffusion

confused by fuel pilfered
resourcing fates fiery

blazoning skies with effusion askew
by shadows eschewing
a charlatan’s love song

of sins inquisitioned
petitions since signed
all by silent submission

a wish begets naught
fraught with wisdom so dismal
appointed of self

sitting high
upon thrones of a thornless affliction

depicted tribunals of perilous impugn
and ruinous lexicons
hewn e’er anew

in lieu of a logic
no worth would lament for

to bellow the testaments
wrists sworn to masters

whose mustered perceptions predate precedent
predation of prideful impasse
nigh persistent

en masse and en vogue

as vague as eroded engravings
bestowed upon visages
vaunting of stark raving fools
who once gave up reason

sought e’er to appease
the internalized treason
with a tepid trepidation

to rectify constructs
through statues erected

their muse left neglected
bereft of the conquest
left factious
to sift through the sands
of said infidels fallen
reign of silt

by tales, none can tell
if by audience quelled
spelled out involuntarily
vomit omitted

spit self-evinced victors
cresting lecterns ghost-flecked
by cleft-tongues cloaked most wicked

a sickness of man’s
heedless witness to warring
swarms breeding unbridled
imbrued with the bloodshed

a branding on blemished hands

time had forgotten

winced seconds
with soul rot
whence witlessly wrought

by savages sowing the brood
of their breast
by the roost of its beast

and dawn’s spawned beset by the wresting
with excess
and behest projected
of a faceless god’s
faith lost in fluster and fostered

through dreams none have seen
reach the gates of fruition

chagrin nestles parchment
from bouts sprayed with sanguine
mouths dripped
dropped agape

spewing greatness insisted
insipid as crackled paint
curling to a crumble

yet no lesser humble
addressing the sun

this purposeful refuse
usurped a prone species
whose pieces now pepper

the crusts of the cosmos
and corners of orifices
set to greed’s sating

beheading the state
of our sanctity stolen

and sanctioned existence
exiled to expire
and expel

[image credit: Sergius Hruby]

Profound Mechanism

what an oddly profound mechanism memory is
to be able to hear
the exact sound of someone’s voice
from years ago just by imagining it
to be able to vividly picture
a scene from a bygone era
whilst simultaneously looking
at the reality of the present moment
to summon the irreplicable symphony of flavors
rendezvousing upon the tongue
from a cherished dish
whose creator is no more
to behold the sweet scent
that once had found your senses
rapt in an erstwhile lover’s embrace
to revisit the feeling
of fleeting ideals
whence they fooled you into falling
for what you thought would be forever
foundations are ever shifting
in the light of newfound context
tragedy reshapes the stories
locked within our mind
knowing that the day will come
when all that we might stand to muster
swiftly turns to dust swept away
by a lonesome gust of wind
and this, the only truth
that we might ever trust in
it is for this very reason
we must live
within each moment
to foster our experience
as though it were untold
to leave a bold impression
that we one day might recall again
when all is lost as we retreat
into death shrouds of our own making

Phantom Filament

i swallow pills
to feel like i exist
to stay my wrists
from bleeding out
and the nightshade
from my mouth
keep the hammer
from the primer
and the blade
untouched by blood
to prevent another haunting
at a wayward viaduct
so the reservoir stays pure
and the oven safe for food
let the rope tend to its duty
and the fires burn of wood
plastic bags were meant for sundries
and policemen to protect
heroin is too depressing
living death begets respect
it’s an irony most shameful
that to suffer is to earn
amid consequence most baleful
while the tastemaker’s face turns
as we follow in the footsteps
of a lifelong detriment
chanting “this is as good as it gets”
in a phantom filament

O Songbird

o songbird
of restive mind
thy repertoire vast

as the moonlit masquerade
cast upon the empty bed
of night

piercing requiem
tunneling through
the void
of vanquished mirth

the shrill
of sordid regrets
and disquiets
from the garden
of agateophobia

like a raving mockingbird
ravaged by truth

feathers hewn
with latent farewell
faintly clinging
to a page
from the past

sing to me
all i have lost

let each note
ring out
as once it
ran me through

the great fault
slid the sea
‘neath the desert

and prosody
by god’s languorous sigh

where senses
once flourished
with the triumph
of Typhon

pray let thy song
lay this hardship
to rest

Worlds of Wonder

caught between
two worlds of wonder

one of which
i revel
in a beauty
yet untold

watching it unfold
in muted ponder

so disheveled
that i shudder
to behold

of pealing thunder

the undulation
lies a plundered soul

the plight
of its condition

by the light
ever lingering
on yonder

for an answer
to it all