Words of Appreciation

I am shamefully aware of my avoidant personality issues which cause me to appear aloof and distant to those whom I care about, which includes you. As I have explained in previous posts, I struggle with correspondence triggered anxieties that are a debilitating factor in my everyday existence.

What I would like to do is to thank everyone for their kindness. Specifically, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for a select group of those whose presence I have taken note of in their continual support.   These lovely people are so incredibly considerate as to provide their thoughts and opinions which are a crucial source of inspiration to me through their writing and their humanity.  [If you click the links it will take you to their sites]

To start with, I wish to thank Jasper Kerkau for bringing me into his family of diversely excellent writers of the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective. His unrelenting kindness and support from early on have paved the way for so much of my expression. Christine Ray is always there to remind me that I’m on the right path. She is a precious soul companion all throughout ephemerality. oldepunk is my source of support that makes me always want to strive for the most honest and respectable work I can muster. I can’t read his words without being affected on a profoundly personal level.   I wish to personally thank      Jenn   Vanessa      Just Joan       Mark R. Stone      JohnCoyote       TheFeatheredSleep             Chandra Vice        Rob       Marts       Jac Forsyth       Aakriti Kuntal    Maria Gianni Iannucci   Nicole Lyons        Bethany Kay       Kindra M. Austin        ididnthavemyglasseson     Alka Rao    Amie Sparks        anotetohuguette       annajenkins        yassy          Kunstkitchen           Gospel Isosceles           Chronosfer         Felicia Denise        Grim’s Crypt       Tammy Mezera      Truly Unplugged        Millie Thom        Eugenia       Simply Me       Katrina       K.D. Dowdall     InsidiousCravings        Jdub        jessamayann     yagnesthakore        Art History Blog        ~M      joliesattic      chris jensen      Tyla Smith         Thoughts In Life          Grand Trines     NanMykel        djemmand     Jon     Jade Edge       Child of Cynicism           livingastanya      me   Norma Bobb          DeanJean      curryNcode      10000hoursleft         koko boocro      ZoolonAudio       wrealistwriter      weird weekends blog       pirate patty           wtwijj     penpowersong        curlygirlabroad         AR      dievca       S Francis       Mark Ryan    Beauty From Ashes       John Robinson       TwistedDawn23         Linnet Moss      Jeanne  janeweightreed10        Samasya Tapasya       Mike        Miranda       Samantha Lucero           eyes + words        S.K. Nicholas  and many others to be added in a future post.  All of you are amazing writers and beautiful human beings.  Thank you for everything you bring to this world.

Profound Mechanism

what an oddly profound mechanism memory is
to be able to hear
the exact sound of someone’s voice
from years ago just by imagining it
to be able to vividly picture
a scene from a bygone era
whilst simultaneously looking
at the reality of the present moment
to summon the irreplicable symphony of flavors
rendezvousing upon the tongue
from a cherished dish
whose creator is no more
to behold the sweet scent
that once had found your senses
rapt in an erstwhile lover’s embrace
to revisit the feeling
of fleeting ideals
whence they fooled you into falling
for what you thought would be forever
foundations are ever shifting
in the light of newfound context
tragedy reshapes the stories
locked within our mind
knowing that the day will come
when all that we might stand to muster
swiftly turns to dust swept away
by a lonesome gust of wind
and this, the only truth
that we might ever trust in
it is for this very reason
we must live
within each moment
to foster our experience
as though it were untold
to leave a bold impression
that we one day might recall again
when all is lost as we retreat
into death shrouds of our own making

Fractured Hearts

fragile hearts
composed of fractured shards
of selenite
soon fall
from the silence
strewn long
throughout the night

some will dissipate
upon the kiss
of eclipsed atmosphere

while others infiltrate
the earth’s defenses
waiting to be found

is this power
within my pen
enough to stay

can these sunken eyes
sustain the curtain’s calling
dirt and all?

through these weary eyes
of stinging
i fail
to see the answer

no longer does water well
in the aqueduct
of quiescence

and gone
is any semblance
of the joy
that once we knew

having joined
the desperate masses
as envoys of muted morass

precious hours spent
relentlessly toiling
for elusive spoils

spanning the breadth
of a breathlessness

’til our heads withered
down the trail
of idle absurdity

as frail
as the feathered waif
on a leaf-barren poplar

sonically assailed
by a hail-tinged doppler shriek
with a tail that spanned the ages

Within Your Arms

you justify
the sentence
in this prison
of the flesh

by the merit
of an offhand touch

leaving me
in study
at the basin
of the desert sun

to each bead
of salted dew

just the slightest hint
of your florid rendezvous

more than piques
a passion
poised to sate
the quenchless gods

when the skies
have shuffled off
the blaring beams
of inquest

urgency finds me
at your behest

at last
within your presence
every sense caressed
by vibrant coils

all divergent seas
now coalesce
upon your breast

as we soar
through stolen
from these realms
of the Akashic

trails of our assimilation
scintillate our wake

all the stars
the stretching blackness

bear no sweeter fruit
than a single second
spent within your arms

as the poignancy
of truth’s
most perfect pattern

O Songbird

o songbird
of restive mind
thy repertoire vast

as the moonlit masquerade
cast upon the empty bed
of night

piercing requiem
tunneling through
the void
of vanquished mirth

the shrill
of sordid regrets
and disquiets
from the garden
of agateophobia

like a raving mockingbird
ravaged by truth

feathers hewn
with latent farewell
faintly clinging
to a page
from the past

sing to me
all i have lost

let each note
ring out
as once it
ran me through

the great fault
slid the sea
‘neath the desert

and prosody
by god’s languorous sigh

where senses
once flourished
with the triumph
of Typhon

pray let thy song
lay this hardship
to rest

Solitude of Oblivion

all life
desires love

along myriad planes
of consciousness

to have been born
is to possess
the capacity to love

the intrinsic furnace
that burns within
every star

that which exists
within each heart

allow not
the perception
of separation
to divide us

lest we spiral
into the solitude
of oblivion


What She Said

I wrote this song for someone very close to me when their mother passed at a young age from a terminal condition. I’m not very adept at engineering sound so you’ll have to excuse the crude quality of the recording.

“train ticket to another world
but she don’t know where to go
the truth was something
that we did not know
oh tell me now

standing in the field one day
thoughts rolled through my head
and i remember something that she said

she told me that life’s a lie
she showed me the reason why
she showed me the other side of life

and as i heard what she said
as her words filled my head
i began to see where they led
but instead…

i remember looking back
on the things we used to do
back then when i was a kid
and she was still one too

she used to always say to me
that one day she would rise
never once stood back
to even try to realize

as i think and look back now
you know it makes me wonder how
she’d always stand outside in the rain

then i knew exactly why
said she’d never leave my side
then late one night she died
and i cried”

*EDIT – Bonus Angry Samoan’s cover

“no no no, i need a place to stay
no no no, i need another day

my soul is lost, it’s lost its way
it’s been living in this lost
this lost highway

the night gets darker now
i’m cold and all alone
i took a turn in this life somehow
i’ll never find my way back home

i don’t know
i can’t tell you, girl
what i’ve seen there

the demon spawn with bulging eyes
the devil living in disguise
he’s in this world, he’s here today
he’s been living in this lost
this lost highway”

Eternal Mirrors

let the earthen bounty
be your pillow
as the balsam breeze
tucks you in its whispered lull

our frailty
is forgiven
heaven dare not fathom
to assail us
whence we lay

its offerings
are present
for the taking

as prismed apparitions
through shifting crypts of time

searching for the shadow
of forgiveness
where folding stars
outstare the eye of jupiter

death is but a fear unsound
thought traps within
the silent walls that bind us

stepping through
eternal mirrors
on journeys shared as one
‘neath these precious suns
of stoic tempest flare


was the circumstance

that drove paper nails
through weightless

to think
we once knew

as desperately
we dangled
from tresses
of concession

composed of gold

which stretched
for many miles

the trenches
of our youth

i look now
upon days gone


but nowhere
are you to be found


in the vaulted yonder

where obsidian
the earthen tomb