never were worlds so condensed


crushing sounds of chaos crashing


the eve of shattered shells

shackled in rippling clamor

torn beyond arm’s length


bracing memories of bartered being

the aching void of absent panacea


toiling for passage

the sting of earned lament


forthwith abandoned

to stations conflicted by minds unsound

long trodden in tumult’s refrain


what burdens we carry in these chains we so cherish

fighting the sins born of heaven

hammering down upon hapless casts of dissevering clay


complexions so fragile

never straying from the vaulted eden of  sanity’s mind


ceaseless hordes

in planate procession


fools fraught with erstwhile fixation

betraying the worth of the words carved unyielding


through the infamy of torrid tempest

feigned in fluster

with haste, forgotten


but some flourish ephemeral


~querabus in acquiescence

nonpareil without parallel~


sweltering seamen scout the echoing seas

to plunder the gifts of god’s glory


treasures unknown

to inhabit our hearts


belying these stagnant disfigured illusions


should gentle grace ameliorate

and the rapids arrive at a quietus lull


-they say voices spout melodies stealing the wind-


and here,

this pen spreads jilted verse with piteous affectation

in shades of redundant avowal


this, the pilfer of poets and priests

only in the threads of ethereal thought, does truth reign


neither bound by scientific bane

nor beholden to  idle slight of ideal


the essence of knowledge sublime


that we find the one

and the other in spirit

when realms of spent flesh beckon nigh


we shall yet persist      –      in tether and thyme


the warmth of unspoken goodwill

stirs the ocean’s heart humble

like the fiery swells of our wounded earth’s rain


a feeling which none are to have known

ere we wander into the borealis of the soul’s aura


wading into the florid confluence

to taper off in eased undulation

neath the umbral sway of a burgeoning berth

[image credit: Tallmadge Doyle]

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