Blessed One (lyrics to song in progress)

don’t ever walk away
from a broken heart
when the clock strikes midnight

solaris silently seeps
into shadows

the fear forever lurks
underneath the stars
of a haunted light

i’ve seen the devil weep
in the gallows

all of our words exist
in a dusty cloud
awaiting strange attractors

for the chance to be heard
in the here and now
to justify our actions

but you
you are the blessed one

the view
impales the polaris sun

we watched the moon
give way to the ocean
amid a lost december

i can remember the taste
of your sorrowed tears

i held you in my arms
like a godless world succumbs
to celestial signals sublime

the fire that never dies
is burning deep within me
absconding into the night

the ire of wasted lives
it scolds like soldiers scorned
who were born for the right to die

but you
you are the goddess defined

will you
show me your heavenly signs

when truth
shines off the light of your eyes

then you
are blessed amongst the skies

[image credit: František Kobliha]


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