what have i to offer
but a meager mote of self-expression
remnants of a tortured mind
afflicted by a deep depression
thoughts i harvest in the twilight hours
born of dissociation
frantically expelled to quell these flights
of forlorn contemplation
ceaseless thoughts are wont to inundate
this restive mind’s obsession
woven of a tapestry of lost emotions coalescing
consequently baring far more than i might care to divulge
however, i will state emphatically
mine eye doth spy the bulge
honestly, i jest, for i am nothing but a human being
therefore, i’ve no predilection
per se, presaging the beating
of my weary seraphim seed shaped source of vermillion verve
which haplessly doth rattle in its calcitrated sentence served
dare not scoff for you must understand my state of staunch awareness
as pertaining to the nomenclature of the words i express
though, were we to meet in person
you might think i had been bludgeoned
stuffed into an oaken barrel left to ferment in an oven
for you see, my manner of speech
sourced directly from my mouth
indubitably instilss those who bear witness the gravest doubts
for i can scarcely muster by the most modest consideration
any eloquent coherent linguistic articulation
typically, i seem to warrant guffawing befuddlement
which is to say the kinder of responsive social sentiment
surely, you must think me to excessively exaggerate
when waxing on the foibles of how feebly i confabulate
incidentally, i was just now stricken with a thought tangential
as pertaining to the displeasure which airs most evidential
shouldst i catch an errant verse containing ‘words’ like ~conversate~
for such transgressions against proper grammar mine ire shan’t abate
in truth, mine inclination leans toward swift and ruthless whupping of ass
to whom its attached i care not
such affronts deserve the talus
agitated by a motion slight enough to trigger cataclysmic happenstance
ending in tortured death by fatal avalanche
much like when one vomits ~irregardless~ pray not, ~nucULAR~
every time i witness such foul fuckery mine soul despairs
which obviously holds no merit for i deviate at will
but such is the hypocrisy of human beings sloughing swill
truth be told this entire piece of prattle thou hast just consumed
was just about as pointless as a dunce cap in a state of ruin
on this note i take my leave, for i prefer to not remain
to pay the price of my misdeeds for which i care not to explain

2 Replies to “Vapors”

  1. Hi Friend, used loosely,
    You are a very interesting guy. I saw you were following me and I’m now keeping up with you. I’d like to know about you, at first glance it’s hard to know if your words are literal. Your sense of humor is killer, any man who love cats is cool with me. You talk about depression, disassociation, let’s talk, see if we have common ground.


  2. oh my gosh I love this. And some of it so relatable. And I was laughing out loud. You’re freaking hilarious and then I read ‘nucular’ and I must send a cyber hug because I feel the same way. Plus the following line is just gold.


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