Poem for You

felidae entwine my spirit
framed in frozen timeworn heights
such fate falls but once and only
molecules meet tongue in haste

curse this mind of echoed refuse
not allowing facile form
feelings of effusive freedom
bear no call to fault obscured

solace finds me in our silence
lost dimensions shift in shadows
lifting upward with release
let us now slip into slumber

crucial is the word we ravish
flushed, our lips defy known rapture
press your precious pith devoutly
pallid flesh smites potent implore

oh my noble lexic seraph
so do i adore thy mooring
tears of urgent surging wells
arrive us on the tide’s reprieve

needn’t are we to besiege
each of our own affliction’s ire
for we are as we ever shall be
bonding infinite depiction

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