Florid Moons

fervid doth my heart display
upon the slightest thought of thee
dormant dreams arise anew
when florid moons sing incantations

sordid affectations
of this wastrel’s world disperse to naught
beneath the sheath of shadows
and the solitary quell

knowing all too well
this quietude will fall
by brandished sol
its call belies our silent reverie

ere the dawn bestows its blessing
lonely vows bleed vesper’s veil
plots of untold errant solace
lost amid the hour’s assailing

muted miles of sloe and slumber
hapless, by the sky’s refute
once consumed of aural umbrage
eyes beguiled wept rapturous woe

life in dulled gray street’s meander
sights and sounds of pandered plight
such effusive flights of fluster
never would we find profound

ours is of the hourglass sifted
leave the heedless hordes to wrest
we remain unscathed by fires
hailing from the hell-bound rust

[image credit: James R. Eads]

Luminary In Her Dearth

amid the vapid bedlam

palliation sought

stinging mistral
stretching onward

through the looking glass

to bare futility

where languid life doth linger

mistress lost

the first
the last

as she alone
compelled the stars

to loom anew
the constellations

lucid whispers
shaped her lips

like lucent kisses

dormant creed
of freedom’s virtue

heart-sworn wisdom

salvaged from a wonted way

of this frail earth
where only fools
and martyrs
of demented mind

stand to find
a disposition
sound of spirit

. . . listen –

for her’s is a legacy
of love

in her dearth

and presence



[image credit: Vittorio Zecchin]

Eve of No Tomorrow

lay your thoughts
upon my pillow

willows whisper
winds serene

tales unfold
composed of kisses

lost in silent reverie

this night beckons
ever urgent

argent skies
immersed in light

as the stars
succumb to ruin

tranquil drops
well in your eyes

[image credit: Kay Nielsen]

Eternal Mirrors

let the earthen bounty
be your pillow
as the balsam breeze
tucks you in its whispered lull

our frailty
is forgiven
heaven dare not fathom
to assail us
whence we lay

its offerings
are present
for the taking

as prismed apparitions
through shifting crypts of time

searching for the shadow
of forgiveness
where folding stars
outstare the eye of jupiter

death is but a fear unsound
thought traps within
the silent walls that bind us

stepping through
eternal mirrors
on journeys shared as one
‘neath these precious suns
of stoic tempest flare

The Silence of Forever

my spirit longs
to be the stars
that fill your sky

my heart would shine
of its truth

to lift you
up into a realm
where solace
sings redemption

that once
you laid upon me
by the mercy
of your kiss

but even vigilance
has lost its vested path

these broken roads
no longer
reach epiphany

as apathy
with wistful dew

i thought
would one day
compose a river

through the valley
whence our love
had rent the earth

that i might sail
those tempestuous waters

in search
of where the willows
wept your name

but all my efforts
toiling at the pulley

have only returned
of morass

wrested hands
from years
of untold callous

now leave me
to attend
this ghostly shore

where sorrow comes
to lay for death
in prostrate

with arms
of clay stretched thin
succumbed to dust

once sought
to sway the forces
of the cosmos

with hope
to never stray
from its embrace

as mountains
birthed of mirthless

would vanish
into the silence
of forever

As Sorrows Bleed

meet me
where the shadows drift
from who we are

where waning tides
reveal the rift
that weeps
into the stars

wrap me
amid layers
of a long
forgotten kiss

our voices
led astray
upon the solace
of your lips

shake me
to the rhythm
of our innocence

pray not let us
into a conscious
state of lies

for all
this world
has proven
but torment in reprise

and so
we take our leave
as sorrows bleed
for you and i

Thy Beauty

thy beauty,

to parchment

pan silvery waves

as time
to squander

the frailest shade
of a vespertine avail

listless seas

sweet aureate

how verily
i doth adore
thy sighing wells
of svelte


love looms
amid the earthen shrine
in contrast with truth
pressing onto parchment
muted musings left lingering
for glancing eyes
that gaze in contempt
aghast at the ongoing display
of decadent debauchery
never have they known
such indiscretion
yet none can speak
for what is known

the radiance
its cadence grows stronger
echoing into the abyss of anguish
from one
to other
bearing no consequence
of relevant toll
rolling like a snow-bound stone
enjoyed by the sun

all of these ancestral affectations
airs of artifice
agonizing over every breath
spilled out onto the landscape
like leaves leading to disarray
in lost portrayal

sweet strands of vermilion
lick like flames
framing such fragile alabaster allure
alone and aloft
soft tones of humility
exuding from hearth
set upon this heart
rekindled by kindred coalescence
windswept into one regret
and set to the serenity
of solitude’s song

The Silence of Surrender

These thoughts of you
Invade my every waking sense

Weakening with bated breath
Wreaking chaos
In roseate efflorescence

I walk the edges of eternity
Faltering at every step
through faults of amphicheiral aching

Where fragments form our firmament
To compose in erstwhile prose
And wistful reclamation

Transposing woes
Into frozen waves of piercing
Shattering on stuttered shores
Of dormant adoration

Awakening the ardor
Of dreams lost to translation

Where stardust softly tends
The silence of surrender

Winter’s Trine

flaxen strands at angles errant

dangle draped in fine translucence

lucid lines trace shapes ensconcing

winsome ways awash in whispers


all the almond’s fond azure

paragon of floret’s dew

sinuous tresses weaved in waters

worlds away from whence she watched


passive paramour of plight

plunging into astral pools

solitude that stings with piercing

as she sings her song of tears


pensively a passive pondering

wanders through the prism spire

spoken naught in uttered earnest

turning over tides of trine