Desert Rain

clutching tightly your hand
staunching pain and sorrow
your touch granting solace
shrouded by the morrow’s fog

enchanted fluvial strands
scarlet, amber shades of comfort
following trails of silk
leading to infinity

wrapped in cloaked warmth
immersive depths afire
where mountains shelter lava
and torrents loom above

in your eyes of euxine waters
lies the mirrored truth revealed
understanding far beyond
all things to myself concealed

words gently seep downstream
breathing life from up on high
speak the very essence sealed
scars wrought of vital tears

stumbling through empty hollows
clamoring to stay aloft
countless paths of which to follow
my eyes closed, i await ensconced

plated crust lay underfoot
strife forever imminent
hovering heaps of granite
bearing relevant consequence

cracking like roars of thunder
bearing into crashing waves
besieging crumbling earth
left behind as grains of sand

once again we find these forms
drawn by forces unexplained
driven by nature, our mother
blessing us like desert rain

14 Replies to “Desert Rain”

    1. thank you chandra. this was a poem i had written long before i ever started writing poetry and is one of the most meaningful and heartfelt poems i’ve ever written. it’s about 8 years ago when i wrote this

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        1. well i had written some pretty awful stuff before this. this was my very first endeavor into freeverse. though admittedly i really only grasped the whole thing in the last year or so lol. at least i think i might have…

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            1. Aw thank you Chandra. I try. Everything is like a work in progress in a way. I try to be fluidic. I may get outlandish and post a transcribed freestyle next. Just to see how many times I actually use expletives. Hehe.

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