Blackened Sacrament

the sun’s searing plasma impressed upon layered soot
ashen like blight which bore forgone
familial foundation of fancied flight
what gratuitous gall with which you gloat
smote by your own self-endowed grandeur
wont that i should pander in groveling gratitude
surely you jest!
impressed, i stand
by the sincerity of your impaired self-regard
boldly going where eagles dare…
dare you seek to endear your ingratiating demeanor?
as droll as the lulling of culled sopor
toped up like tournaments of unreal inebriation
abrogating the constructs that sustained your slapdash composure
unraveling in disheveled disparity of the id and the superego forsaken
neatly tucked in vociferous sanctimony
thunderous echoes cry “philanderous phony!”
only to fall on deaf ears of porn


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