Petaline Presence

the toilsome tasks of this tear trodden timeline
tethered to my imminent tomb have been trivialized
the hours spent in languid lament, granted life anew

aurous beams of your radiant persona have softly seeped
into every darkened corridor of my heart and mind
where once I dreaded a moment unfettered
felled by fiery fear, fraught with forlornness

I am left hapless to ponder this prose
purloined from the Pleiades and placed within my pith
opalescent pleas impassioned

as each falling grain slips through narrowed neck
another thought of you finds its home
to tell of your story

my affinity for every facet of your precious plight had flourished
as it stood to watch its own reflection

words will never weave the wonders of the world
upon which you so warily walk

your sonorous song has shone upon these wintry woes
whispering ward amid walls of wrought ores

the tortuous descent of time’s pendulum no longer persists
replaced with your petaline presence
permeating my paltry personage


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