My Heart Displays for You

let me draw you into my steadied, unfaltering stance
to embrace you in such ways
that you may release every tension coiled

surrender to these tender lips of lingering
as they softly graze the silken allure
surrounding your center of consciousness

upon being stricken with frenzied fit of passion
pressing ardently into you
deliberately displacing your disciplined decor
having done nothing more
than to pass my lips over yours

in whispered tones of serenity
unto your bare skin of sun shunned
gently carresing the fragrant filaments
composing the hearth of your experience

I want to meld with your truth
thrashing intertwined along this bittersweet plane
every moment passed is a moment squandered
if not lost in love’s reverie

for to love, is to live

bear me witness the splendorous sublimity
of souls assimilating
so forever may remain within my heart’s refrain

your touch grants me all that I should ever care to know
of this, and endless more, I am resolved
for truly you are, one in infinity

my heart displays for you


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