Fates Since Abandoned

without death
we are nothing

a wintry embrace
long forgotten

grains of mured sand
in an endless descent

adorners of vitrails
neath skies of exalt

the morass of mortality
bound to such frivol

vaunting in vain
for a fool’s validation

regale me with tales
of a fabled existence
with just enough laughter
to stay my own ruin

let us sit on the ledge
where the sea hides the sun
in vigilant view
of our imminence

twinkled reflections
reveal glimpses of youth

lost in mirages
of futures imagined

to think of the fates
since abandoned brings pause

bewildered in awe
as our final breath flees


[image credit: Jennie Harbor]


Furtive Moons

there are only so many metaphors
that serve to justify this pain
so many words
chewed up
and spit back out
onto surfaces
whose purpose
carries all burdens

these feelings are like water
journeying alone
in a fearless freefall
crashing into the earth below
to join the fates
that all have known

still, each fragment
leaves its mark
for others to embark upon
in the hour
of our exodus to exile

the skies belong to one
as one to all
as life itself
bleeds into the eyes
at the horizon

we take our tragic pittance
wrought from anguish
each within the alchemy intrinsic
to their own

to spin the loom
and weave majestic tapestries
of triumph
to share the secrets
intimately held
by furtive moons

Desert Rain

clutching tightly your hand
staunching pain and sorrow
your touch granting solace
shrouded by the morrow’s fog

enchanted fluvial strands
scarlet, amber shades of comfort
following trails of silk
leading to infinity

wrapped in cloaked warmth
immersive depths afire
where mountains shelter lava
and torrents loom above

in your eyes of euxine waters
lies the mirrored truth revealed
understanding far beyond
all things to myself concealed

words gently seep downstream
breathing life from up on high
speak the very essence sealed
scars wrought of vital tears

stumbling through empty hollows
clamoring to stay aloft
countless paths of which to follow
my eyes closed, i await ensconced

plated crust lay underfoot
strife forever imminent
hovering heaps of granite
bearing relevant consequence

cracking like roars of thunder
bearing into crashing waves
besieging crumbling earth
left behind as grains of sand

once again we find these forms
drawn by forces unexplained
driven by nature, our mother
blessing us like desert rain

Upon the Hourglass’ Turn

swaying blades of peridot

alight amid azurite horizon

of clement citrine sunset

in velveteen palanquin

draped in silk brocade

jade hairpin askew

wonted truth presaging

the seizing solemnity

by crook of Anubis

we tendered the ferryman’s toll

stolid in this stagnant state

as fate shed its veils before us

upon the hourglass’ turn

emergent, we shuffled off

our toilsome coils rejoicing