This Latent Lament

your words
are the sinister fire
that burns
through holes
in my head

with thoughts
that forever conspire
to spurn the unheard

i look to your kingdom
of ire
to learn
of my lost relevance

with hope
i may someday
from churning
this latent lament

the days
of conflict
and desire
were earned
but would never
be spent

this love
once so fervent
and dire
returns now
to fine

[Photo: Mary Pickford]


12 Replies to “This Latent Lament”

    1. Thank you Samantha. It makes me so happy how you isolate parts that stand out to you. It really helps me in trying to figure this whole writing thing out regarding how expression relates to the individual experience. Something that always fascinates me. Your feedback is priceless and always appreciated.

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        1. thank you Samantha. I shall do the same for you. Somehow, only just now am i having a truest sense of how crucial such specific type of feedback is in the development of one’s writing. Not in the sense that it would lead to pandering to reader preference but in the sense that it facilitates an organic understanding of the bits of humanity that we share with each individual and how our perception forms our expressive inclinations. I suppose it’s just another facet to the obsessive analysis of human behavior that seems to consume my every waking thought. How did I end up here? lol


          1. i think of it like this – we’re making smoke signals most of the time with our words, not everyone’s looking up all the time. some people never even notice the sky.
            so somebody coming up to you while you’re still sweating, beating a blanket and finally putting it down and saying hey, i liked that fucking heart-shape you made. i totally saw what you did there.

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