Singing Sand

i waft along
this cloud of dust
in empty clement skies

a drusy sun sets
streaks of ruby
citron fire
reach on across the land
like lonely nights
in soft sahara

the mountains gain a shade of haze
as echoing winds whisper
with the stoic cries of crickets
in a muted droning lull

twilight bends
beyond eye’s edge

the deepest blue lapis sets in

we once possessed

lies trapped behind the silent veil
no map had e’er descried

through layers of lamenting torment

seething of her phantom cilice


in a listless cause
of indolent demise

[image credit: Bud Duncan]

Fractured Hearts

fragile hearts
composed of fractured shards
of selenite
soon fall
from the silence
strewn long
throughout the night

some will dissipate
upon the kiss
of eclipsed atmosphere

while others infiltrate
the earth’s defenses
waiting to be found

is this power
within my pen
enough to stay

can these sunken eyes
sustain the curtain’s calling
dirt and all?

through these weary eyes
of stinging
i fail
to see the answer

no longer does water well
in the aqueduct
of quiescence

and gone
is any semblance
of the joy
that once we knew

having joined
the desperate masses
as envoys of muted morass

precious hours spent
relentlessly toiling
for elusive spoils

spanning the breadth
of a breathlessness

’til our heads withered
down the trail
of idle absurdity

as frail
as the feathered waif
on a leaf-barren poplar

sonically assailed
by a hail-tinged doppler shriek
with a tail that spanned the ages


when I tasted
the ground
my world
was no longer
for what I had found
was stronger than death
when my face
grazed the earth
my sight
torn right from me
I gazed at my worth
were life not a freedom
the crashing of bones
knees, elbows, and skull
would fall into silence
upon urgent moment
the brashness of one
fleeing from the lull
appallingly useless
for all, consequent

Painted Rainbows

I come
from a long

of cocaine


and painted

tainted aims
and hijacked

that taunt me
with their wonton ways

led by tinted

whose patronizing
would one day fade

in truth betrayed
through time’s display

all things ventured
for naught gained

save this dull pain
that e’er remains

to haunt me
in her silent

Rogue Reminisce

shadows crept
the length
of disquietude

in the wonder
of our willful dearth

through morass

when last we plundered
this scorching earth

she blindly scrawled
three bold runes

that burn yet
this piteous pith
of tormented ruin

to time’s retelling

they rave and revel
in a rogue reminisce