Obscured Sediment In Dawn’s Exile

Shrouded by luminous quilt
In stolen hour of desert gloaming
Brash and bright as life would have us
Intertwined, we courted darkness

Stark was all that ruled our world
As we rued the daylight squander
Loathsome aurous sphere that seared
A porcelain demure transfixed

Etched embrace on umber shore
Neath peering Peridot mystique
We breached the siren’s song
Through passive glances temporal

Felled, you held this coiled carapace
Quelling wrath with vitreous hand
Hapless, I would soon succumb
Shunning lucid truth in youth

All that would bear consequence
Flourished in the fiery depths
Every moment flushed with fervent
Passions, sating flesh

The corridor of riparian quenching
Drenched, adrift the wayward isle
Once flowed freely of our wefting
Now as listless as its mooring

Obscured sediment in dawn’s exile


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