Shores of Implore

plastic melts
like sugared air
and time conforms
to nothing

songs persist
through voices shared
with context
ever shifting

if only
you could walk beside me
on these planes
of swallowed hope

placid seas
would then return us
this will never be

Shades of Pompeii

along this wayward

i lost
the sum
of you

in broken




to reflections

we once

over trails

thread precious

their escape

like petty fools
from plighted faith

from implore


would mark
the path

that led me
to your vested

when vagrants
the stars

and charted
the descending

of our last

in such despair

’til all
that i could

were driftless
of blackness

the grip
of shame


where flashing
of pompeii

in grim dispart


the distant

a world

When the Hour Fell Bleak

when the hour fell bleak
a rippling spied
the outlier

in ragged reproach

an artifact without
that spoke of adoration

ere a doting hope
its parting prelude

from where i now sit

in a cold eclipse
of dreariness
with mistled tears

spent aloft
these long planes
of bondage

i fondly resigned

my mind’s production
flashing its garish marquis
for all to see

disparity profound

were it not sustained
by wispy druids
of pigment piqued

no further

averted eyes
trained vigilant

this chronicle
of maddened youth

swore your rigid head

with never more
scorned a lustful red

as prideful irony
now reigns
in the void
of expectation

In Layman’s Days

in layman’s days
sorrow yet reigns
in remnants
of our love’s refrain
through these veins
like silken web
to dying flame
a sallow face
of shallow waste
e’er haunts the gallows
hollow space
as wraiths in fallow fields
yet reap the harvest
of a heart’s disgrace
none can replace
the solace lost
absconded by
the albatross
e’er perched atop
the arch of Eden
bound by freedom’s
final cost
where pandered woe
bleeds disarray
sleeves brandishing
a heart of clay
turned languid
from the anguish
of exsanguination
on display

Such Dreams Expire

pray this memory
tell no lies

in light
of truth
since shone

to strip me
of my last reprieve

pray not
these newly fallen whispers

speak ill
of our erstwhile tales

should they unravel
all my world

would vanish
into despair

for every sinuous
sorrow felled

a sanctuary

that once
we shared

to dare
such dreams expire

but time
in solemnity

and thus i am fraught
with this aching moor

of that which
i can never
come to mourn

The Silence Reigns

the silence reigns

a familiar smoke
potent with poignancy
awoke time
within itself

seeping through the rift
of heedless mind

every sense besotted
with tenses past
and present

disparity so stark
a nothingness became me

folding every breath of hope
upon an inward entropy

the truth thus revealed
through open eyes

had wracked my soul
in quantum rapt

of love i knew
will always know
will never be

A Friend’s Goodbye

my dear old friend
what end has come
by no means just
to live this dream
from which your eyes cannot awaken
who dares to rob this vacant hell
from one so true
we knew so well

who’s laugh was always our’s to share
by which i mean “our” family
you had scrapped your way
inside hearts sworn rigid without erring

a friend of genuine regard
protector of my sisters’ honor
our mister Jesse “Lame” Stamper
my brother time forgot to spare

such vital energy once coursing
through the veins as though my own
but yours was rife with staunch resolve
and none have since dared
prove such courage
surging taller than what heights
a man could bear to fall

cowardice lurks veiled inside
all stations of men ever known
no dignity near consequent
that could outshine your valor
all that mattered shone inside
the love for those you held

years have sunken silten seabed
whence we cried out “punk is dead!”
to myself, i have lied
just to say those words
and tears not shed

on that day, when first i learned
of darkness, that could not be heard
it struck me like a sun combusting
fulgurant in its static pulse

6 years ever as my senior
trapped in surpassing each one
tripped up in a past illusion
somehow ripped right from the stars

Jesse, you are with us always
like the ink that left its mark
love etched into the flesh forever
lives on within our minds and hearts

Where Lovers Once Lived

time resigns
to dust
in blustery skies

for gone, is all reason
and life bleeds heavenly

with laughter
no longer

looms lingering night

where lovers
once lived
‘neath the shadow’s reprise

Obscured Sediment In Dawn’s Exile

Shrouded by luminous quilt
In stolen hour of desert gloaming
Brash and bright as life would have us
Intertwined, we courted darkness

Stark was all that ruled our world
As we rued the daylight squander
Loathsome aurous sphere that seared
A porcelain demure transfixed

Etched embrace on umber shore
Neath peering Peridot mystique
We breached the siren’s song
Through passive glances temporal

Felled, you held this coiled carapace
Quelling wrath with vitreous hand
Hapless, I would soon succumb
Shunning lucid truth in youth

All that would bear consequence
Flourished in the fiery depths
Every moment flushed with fervent
Passions, sating flesh

The corridor of riparian quenching
Drenched, adrift the wayward isle
Once flowed freely of our wefting
Now as listless as its mooring

Obscured sediment in dawn’s exile

Left to Desert

wafting ripples edging inward
when the sky had reached conclusion
treading long in earnest failing
foot sworn fate at rocky stream bed
spark embedded moment’s passing

left to right; in captive caption
trails grow cold and starburst shattered
at what great lengths do we now surface
only to return our silence

i stood watch for you; draped in new moon clashing
as all the wind found its resolve

Precipitous Parting

i held you in my eyes of twine
heavy lidded, in heaven’s fallout

at the garden of impressioned impetus
were petals adrift of quelling aquarelle

destined for reveries resting on bezel
should rays of radiance concord

as does every elegy effuse essence
come astral flights of wastrel mien

crestfallen cries affecting acrimony
as chemicals crude, and ghost collide

solace sought in trails of tined stinging
when souls embark to hearken home

a breathless whisper winces wistfully
e’er stilled by stay of loss allayed