Pavlovian Lapdogs

petulant plebians pandering prose
spawned out of spite from depictions composed
of pithless and petty ploys poised to appease
a princess of poisonous pedantry peeved
with patrons plucked patiently tempered by pique
their person purloined spurred by spurious speech
supinely complying peremptorily
pliable pupils impaired by erred pleas
obsequious as pavlovian lapdogs
a precedent of appalling demagogue
imparting dispatch surreptitiously reaped
to pose such a perfect impression oblique
to passively present through public dispose
promotion of disreputable depose
to please their despot’s pathetic importunes
perilous plots born of perceived impugn
sparing none, for all are prone as her pawns
through solipsist eyes of contempt and despond


7 Replies to “Pavlovian Lapdogs”

  1. I loved this. It was like a poem to words, you explored the serpentine music of words without sacrificing meaning. A perfect marriage of art and subject. I don’t know; I just loved the act of reading this.


    1. Thank you! It has a specific rhythmic motif but as far as anything that would have a pre-existing designation i honestly couldn’t tell you. i just go by the rhythm in my head as i am first and foremost a musician of dubious provenance lol

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    1. Thank you so much Oldepunk. I consider you a master of wordplay so your compliment is particularly meaningful. I will tell you though, the events that inspired this piece were practically a full-blown dramatic saga lol. I’m just glad it’s [hopefully] over.

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