Pavlovian Lapdogs

petulant plebians pandering prose
spawned out of spite from depictions composed
of pithless and petty ploys poised to appease
a princess of poisonous pedantry peeved
with patrons plucked patiently tempered by pique
their person purloined spurred by spurious speech
supinely complying peremptorily
pliable pupils impaired by erred pleas
obsequious as pavlovian lapdogs
a precedent of appalling demagogue
imparting dispatch surreptitiously reaped
to pose such a perfect impression oblique
to passively present through public dispose
promotion of disreputable depose
to please their despot’s pathetic importunes
perilous plots born of perceived impugn
sparing none, for all are prone as her pawns
through solipsist eyes of contempt and despond

Dark Volition

shelter from this life of consequence surrendered
bedlam breathing dusk into the repetitious eye
poisoned by apologists remiss in their submission
willful condemnation bleeding patience running dry

solitude now falls on beds of untread indignation
settled into sediment beset by endless ire
spent in exile inauspicious, brazenly appointed
by ears abating airs embellished in untended fire

hellish masochism pulling anchor free from mooring
ochre skies of rancor shedding fools who never tire
hailing from the advent of the spreading plague of ingress
hell-bent on a hegemony held on headless spire

a voice proclaiming every thought’s unspoken circumspection
evasively as broken vigilantes yet conspire
to vindicate cold execution through lucid delusion
the boldest death behest of sordid souls long since bemired