Another Day

another day

another chance
to wallow
in this hollow
fetid shell

another dance
amid the fallout
of this self
constructed hell

forever burdened
by this curse
immersed in faded

ever is this
burgeoning dearth
until i am


11 Replies to “Another Day”

  1. I like the rhyme, all of it. The regular, irregular, and internal schemes dancing together in this piece. Does everyone live in a self-constructed hell? Love the universality of that line. 🙂


  2. A sad poem, full of loneliness and despair … but some beautiful imagery. I love the phrase ‘immersed in faded aquarelle’. Aquarelle isn’t a word I’ve heard much outside of artistic circles.


  3. this is achingly sad
    feels like drifting
    like falling
    like tumbling
    iridescent tear drops
    well up in my eyes
    at both your pain
    that other hearts
    are able to hold
    you afloat
    when you do not
    strong enough
    to hold yourself
    we may sometimes feel this
    but i know that we hold
    surprising tensile strength
    dearest friends

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  4. It would appear that we are both doom driven at this place and time. My heart is with you. I must believe (sometimes ‘belief’ is all there is) that this dusk will pass, allowing us both to venture out into the light of a new spiritual renaissance. You have my love, dear friend.

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    1. I couldn’t ask for better company at such a dark time. In fact, I write this having just awoken from a dream in which you and I had freshly left Vegas torn asunder lol. Granted, we had run into a bit of a pickle trying to make our way back home, having garnered the ire of an irate drug dealer, but such is life… Or was it dreams… who can say? All I know is I awoke right before anything unpleasant befell us lol. Ii love you mister. I hope things get better for us both so that we may one day tear us up some real world debauchery ❤

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