u lol’d
at my wtf
when i told u
what ftw
really meant
2 which u said ikr
HA! and smdh
which wuz just
so totes obvi
wat u really meant

le sigh is upon me
but idgaf
y u no understand
wth i just said
imho u should gtfo

cuz yolo
idk y u crae
idc if ur bae

i’ll ttyl cuz srsly
this convo is meh
omg like (¬_¬) af

and it’s just like tfwy rofl
just don’t expect me to lmfao

cuz hm. u c i would never irl
speak such an ugh (>_<) ~werd~

though i felt u were dorbs
now i heard that u lel’d
and i thot to myself
“gawd, she can’t even spell”
their just sitting rite they’re
all these wurds
still u 🙂
y r u not c-ing there mocking you’re style

and your making me feel ಠ_ಠ
“i just can’t”
“r u sure”
“tbh jk”
“oic, just not coming from ur pov”

daww go ahead fam
ama just for lulz
if it’s nsfw
welp, den fml
bcuz its tl;dr
so plz just stfu
halp a kitteh
and stahp doe ∞


21 Replies to “dafuq?”

      1. “you laughed out loud
        at my ‘what the fuck?’
        when i told you
        what ‘for the win’
        really meant
        to which you said ‘i know, right?’
        ‘HA!’ and ‘shake my damn head’
        which was just so totally obvious
        what you really meant

        le sigh is upon me
        but ‘i don’t give a fuck’
        ‘why can’t you understand’
        ‘what the hell’ i just said
        ‘in my humble opinion’ you should get the fuck out

        cause ‘you only live once’
        ‘i don’t know why you’re crazy’
        ‘i don’t care if you’re my number one’

        ‘i’ll talk to you later’ cause seriously
        this conversation is meh
        ‘oh my god’ like, ‘lame as fuck’

        and it’s just like ‘that feeling when you’ ‘roll on the floor laughing’
        just don’t expect me to ‘laugh my ass off’

        cause hm. you see i would never ‘in real life’
        speak such a cringeworthy ‘word’

        though i felt you were adorable
        now i heard that you mockingly ‘laughed out loud’
        and i thought to myself
        ‘god! she can’t even spell’
        they’re just sitting right there
        all these words
        still, you smile
        why are you not seeing they’re cramping your style

        and you’re making me feel irate
        i just can’t handle it
        are you sure
        ‘to be honest, just kidding’
        ‘oh, i see, just not from your point of view’

        awww go ahead good friend
        ‘ask me anything’ ‘just for kicks’
        if it’s ‘not safe for work’
        well, then ‘fuck my life’
        because it’s ‘too long;didn’t read’
        so please just ‘shut the fuck up’
        help a kitten
        and stop already though

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