I Hazard to Ponder

fragments of lovers
burned fast
fall to ash
in this charcoaled heap
that lay afoot

this exterior
by the nails
of their failings

but none can impale

for I only have lived
in the aftermath
of a restless memory

forged in a dream

i hazard to ponder

if love had ever surpassed
the scorching
of this insolent soul.

but all I have

is mounds of

the sea now beckons
the sanctity of sleep
on her floor
of forgiving

through this channel of tears
from sorrows impounded


8 Replies to “I Hazard to Ponder”

  1. I feel like I’m on those mounds of rubble lately. Beautiful. How tragic and forlorn are the last 6 lines… so haunting and peaceful, so inviting.


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