“Feed the Kitty” – Everyone Needs To See This At Least Once In Their Life…

Feed the Kitty [1952]

Behold, the power of true friendship and love that transcends all boundaries.  The single greatest cartoon to ever be created.


cats are adorable this is the truth
it would be abhorrent to try to dispute
and if you should make an attempt to defame
any kitty cat then you might end up slain
for i don’t take kindly to negative words
aimed at my kitty cats or at their purrs
all hell will break loose i start kicking caboose
and there stands a good chance of someone getting hurt
cuz i’m smitten on kittens you’ll see if you look
it’s written throughout all the history books
it’s deemed as a crime to fuq with the sublime
and you might just wind up hanging from a skyhook
should you ever dare to disparage a cat
by claiming domain then we must have a chat
and heads will then roll because i lose control
and i will proceed to then beat on the brat
for cats are the ones who have stolen my heart
their fuzziness is just like way off the charts
so cuddly cute should ye ever refute
then you leave me no choice but to rip you apart
i know what you’re thinking “this dude is insane”
“the toxoplasmosis went straight to his brain”
these may be the facts so I suggest you act
on your best behavior and show some restraint
cuz i will risk all to protect any kitten
it’s highly advised that you best get to gettin’
i pray you comply otherwise you will die
cuz i’ll end your life in the spot you’re now sittin’!


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