Ode to Zechariah

long before light
cleft the heavens in twain
a movement
of manhood emerged

unlike the unsavory
dissidents prior
his was a station deserved

he fostered conviction
amongst the rapt populace
stoically instilling mindful revolt

fully apprised of philosophies spoken
unlike static sophists consisting of molt

fervent emotions born of empathy
ever consuming his radiant heart
salient locution so poignantly posed
lingered long after he bid to depart

tales of his august aplomb echoed through the vales
prose poised to avail the downtrodden denizens

parlance empowering dispelled compatriots
apposite to proletariat wards

forged in the fires of familial defect
stuttering sopor
societal ire

nonetheless, pwning the epic drum solo
from “too hot for teacher” when he was but twelve

not having given an “F” he sought “T”
and tempered his mind with the breadth thus required
of the scant few i regard as elite
he is one by whom i’m duly inspired

Deep within this tattered husk lies the hope
to someday avow this Marxist of a man
of every last tender kiss wrought by his words
intended for naught but to better this land


This Dream

i awaken
to words of kindness

from friends
and strangers alike

but there is nothing
strange about this pain
that we share

this bridge
we have all built

through the sorrows
of our time

grants us more
than a fleeting respite

as we gain
the understanding
that none are alone

that every struggle
affects us all

that our face is seen
our voice is heard
our truths, known

it is only in togetherness
do we stand
to court the hand
that bears the gift
of the morrow’s ingress

know, my friends
there are no strangers
among us

let us walk bravely
into vales
of unknown consequence

for love
shall harbor no secret

when its light
has finally shone

to guide us home

so it is, was
and shall ever be

this dream
e’er haunts humanity

“Feed the Kitty” – Everyone Needs To See This At Least Once In Their Life…

Feed the Kitty [1952]

Behold, the power of true friendship and love that transcends all boundaries.  The single greatest cartoon to ever be created.


cats are adorable this is the truth
it would be abhorrent to try to dispute
and if you should make an attempt to defame
any kitty cat then you might end up slain
for i don’t take kindly to negative words
aimed at my kitty cats or at their purrs
all hell will break loose i start kicking caboose
and there stands a good chance of someone getting hurt
cuz i’m smitten on kittens you’ll see if you look
it’s written throughout all the history books
it’s deemed as a crime to fuq with the sublime
and you might just wind up hanging from a skyhook
should you ever dare to disparage a cat
by claiming domain then we must have a chat
and heads will then roll because i lose control
and i will proceed to then beat on the brat
for cats are the ones who have stolen my heart
their fuzziness is just like way off the charts
so cuddly cute should ye ever refute
then you leave me no choice but to rip you apart
i know what you’re thinking “this dude is insane”
“the toxoplasmosis went straight to his brain”
these may be the facts so I suggest you act
on your best behavior and show some restraint
cuz i will risk all to protect any kitten
it’s highly advised that you best get to gettin’
i pray you comply otherwise you will die
cuz i’ll end your life in the spot you’re now sittin’!

A Friend’s Goodbye

my dear old friend
what end has come
by no means just
to live this dream
from which your eyes cannot awaken
who dares to rob this vacant hell
from one so true
we knew so well

who’s laugh was always our’s to share
by which i mean “our” family
you had scrapped your way
inside hearts sworn rigid without erring

a friend of genuine regard
protector of my sisters’ honor
our mister Jesse “Lame” Stamper
my brother time forgot to spare

such vital energy once coursing
through the veins as though my own
but yours was rife with staunch resolve
and none have since dared
prove such courage
surging taller than what heights
a man could bear to fall

cowardice lurks veiled inside
all stations of men ever known
no dignity near consequent
that could outshine your valor
all that mattered shone inside
the love for those you held

years have sunken silten seabed
whence we cried out “punk is dead!”
to myself, i have lied
just to say those words
and tears not shed

on that day, when first i learned
of darkness, that could not be heard
it struck me like a sun combusting
fulgurant in its static pulse

6 years ever as my senior
trapped in surpassing each one
tripped up in a past illusion
somehow ripped right from the stars

Jesse, you are with us always
like the ink that left its mark
love etched into the flesh forever
lives on within our minds and hearts

A Thank You

amid the autumn embrace
of this fated fantasy
i stumbled to awaken
in the outskirts of a dream
with every lucid moment
pigments rich from painted past
voices, faces, feelings
more familiar than the last

my every thought, mistaken
by the vacant world i’d known
shone forged in the foundation
of this humble hearth i roamed
the kindness deemed as weakness
preyed upon in days of yore
now flourished as the impetus
to spur the heart’s implore

the essence of my exile
was found precious deep within
the radiance that beamed from smiles
and hearts of honest friends
the endless hours of anguish
seemed to vanish in the void
of resonant romanticism
emanating joy

though not remiss to disregard
the suffering imbued
upon the weary countenance
of every life accrued
such love was seen ensconcing
from the onset of the eve
that ever shall remain inside
again ’til i am freed

so if i may display in earnest
gratitude sincere
the difference each of you has made
in ways beyond compare
for all my years i was bereft
of those who shared my world
now every time a tear is shed
it greets the earth impearled

Latent Introspection

having just awoken from a truth
none dare to dream
i reveled in the feeling
of an old familiar friend
for once the house that held this heart
had found itself a home
inhabited by every hapless moment
rapt in youth
i felt a warmth so radiant
where smiles wore freedom’s linger
the foreign touch of fingers
poised to praise and not condemn
i wandered through the shifting walls
of visions so uplifting
while drifting in between
the conscious states that fate once held
a gentle hand was guiding me
through windows of perception
with eyes of every fabled tale
of caring and concern
many arms were reaching out
that left no sting of burden
and words were spoken
with a calming comfort and relief
in this fixed expression of release
like peals of fulgurance
strike every version’s revelations
voiced of your reflection
with resonance, they ring out
to floresce in all dimensions
through broken mirrors
of latent introspection