Further Than the Absence of Our Distance

Faint echoes illicit etchings that stretch

Further than the absence of our distance

Fumbled trails of jumbled digits

Our brains arrange to fit into sense

Reaching for warm vibrations

Resonant within such void

Static glow composing conscious

Countenance to quell our chaos

Astral arcs of crescent cradling

Poignant pools of prose and praise

Forming respite nets that catch

The day’s drawn out dreams

Looming always, weaving landscapes

Love and laughter lift the listless

Transposing painful plights

To smiles persistent, spent of joy

Trickled transit as varied visits

Vagrant visions carry verve

Flights of whimsy brimming over

In binary blurbs that hover nigh

Lighting the length of our plank

We walk to its end so aware

With blank expression

We descend into shared darkness


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