Astral Assimilation

as i peered
behind the veil
of black damask
a plundering gaze
deconstructed me
allaying consequence

all realms succumbed
to the crucifixion
of time itself

a relevance entombed
days past
to find my countenance

at last

reason itself was redefined

as blissful semblance
enshrouded my listless senses

precious sands
sifted into rifts

adrift, i stood
on shifting ground
as echoes torn
from lost dimensions

in a boundless burst
of cosmic influx
to lift the curse
of gravity’s crux
like dust
into blustery plumes
of ruminant sediment
strewed asunder


2 Replies to “Astral Assimilation”

    1. Thank you very much, Christine. Sometimes, I’m not entirely sure what I’ve written but I kind of like that. Who’s to say that as consciousness, we are to know or be in control over every facet of our expression. You get this. It’s one of the many things I appreciate about you.

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