woeful rant of december ninth

it’s daunting how certain calendar dates will always haunt us as though to jauntily flaunt their wont to taunt us by sauntering in monty python-esque vaunting leaving us wanting to romp their gaunt face of nuanced incontinence that ought to get knocked off for airing intolerable for having brought up the thought that caused us to pontificate the fate wrought upon our existential provenance perpetrated by their aberrant lack of forethought and penchant toward dalliance from whence commenced the relentless onslaught of events that rendered my once surrendered and tenderest heart unmendable when it was dealt the torment of indelible dolor that then was denied us our requisite need pending urgently for venting with hell-bent intentions to transmute their countenance into convenient compartments to fit in a seedcoat indeed to be planted so that everyday we could then inundate its existence with chants of the pestilent waste of our years worth of tears having instilled new fears which had never before been our burden to bear because they did not care to veer far from the path e’er imparting the wrath of their crass importunes swiftly sealing our doom having nary just married and barely a groom with the newfound misfortune of wary intrude looming ominously in omnipresent brood deconstructing the flustered states of our distress questioning every instance of intimate caress with the last lover she should have ever undressed but our world has collapsed from the lack of regard held by rogue gigolos traipsing through my backyard but alas i digress lest my chest wrest this heart now bereft of the love that fluoresced like the stars no sooner to return to the ruinous remnants that went up in flames when you burned down the bridge that should e’er led us back home where our love had lived but we’re yet still alive writhing spiteful remains from the love once effusive imbrued by disdain from the rains of tumult in tempestuous skies e’er enduring to obscure the fate long denied but i’ve tried and i’m tired so again i must hide from the prideful contempt of the ire in your eyes though i rant and i rave we had both been to blame just two bedraggled husks near combusting with pain still i would never change even one single day in spite of my passe seditious display i would still grant the last word as yours now to say…


5 Replies to “woeful rant of december ninth”

    1. I am deeply appreciative and humbled by your support and consideration Jasper. You are a constant force of inspiration for me in so many ways. I fixed the reblog issue. You are truly an inspiration to us all.


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