How Long Is A Mile?

a dismal gloom blares
in the distance
of concrete the corridors cry
gnashing with sinuous steel
stolen from the vacuum of midnight erosion

it is now as it was then
a tenuous terror entranced
beyond the circumstance of thought
barreling down outstretched roads of unknown ending
a home blighted nomadic with static fluoresce
abuzz with abundant abandon

each night anew
feeding silver to shiver
amid layered squalor shown blind to bright eyes
left to devices unfit for adorning
fetid filth teemed with ambiguities

but stranger things still filled my head as i stood
behind the partition of gold lamé dinge
alone like a stone world of door tethered drifters
obscured by their numbers
familiar yet foreign

rasping with roars of abrupt deconstructing
and hearts worn by prophets of apathy’s idle
but pray not awaken
the ire composed of their hijacked illusion

when truant frontiers promised fears
poised to fade
from days faster
than words would beam hope
inside daydreams of youth

disaster had fled with indignance
in woven distortions
unspooling in blood
where conifers blurred
in absurdity
dust filled my head
with a sweet symphonic suite
still assuring that we are not there yet


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