Ego Trumps All

to share upon this vulgar pittance
beholding the avarice emboldened hence
is all too appalling
and calls for impaling
those of impudent partisan offense

pathology virulent of veiled reverie
begets naught but apathy’s reign of contempt
as death trickles down
of loss so profound
appearing perfunctory in its descent

a madness has stricken the tenuous hearts
with lichen tinged artifice haunting closed minds
the flesh disavowed
such feverish cow
forsaking for no sake but wastrel design

and squander they will with such lack of foresight
to plunder the will of humanity’s fight
whose plight turned so grave
all life spurned to save
malignance indignant of our human rights

stripped of our own person, to verse, we must take
eclipsing the truth of our sanity’s wake
as such to arrive
where none shall e’er thrive
diseased by a greed that can never be slaked

alas, i implore thee, with feeling once more
regale us with narratives slighting succor
for ego trumps all
behind fortified walls
and calls heard to defend the rich from the poor


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