Stowed Amid A Solstice Dream

end this e’er incessant stream
of penance prying open seams
with hypervigilance unspoken
stowed amid a solstice dream

halt this hallowed grand illusion
bending will with blind intrude
bleeding onto open canvas
tapestries of hope construed

stay thy tongue of saintly affect
straying from each painted breath
brushing bold projections thrust
beyond the surface tension’s depth

swallow all the seas between us
stinging erstwhile tears of trust
lost in sallow shores born waning
scars implore fomenting rust

sink into the brink of madness
tingling impingent caress
ere we held this cursed congress
acquiescing fear’s duress

in the interim entangled
dangling whims will surely shed
sans decorum, sowing unheard
cries of autumn blur, bereft


2 Replies to “Stowed Amid A Solstice Dream”

  1. You should really joins us. Submit a couple of pieces of month and let us put a help get your work out there. Your work is amazing. If not, check out our contest, it is for divergent literature. Almost never ask that, but we are very fond of your work. Went to comment and saw another one of our writers found your work and commented also. Great minds think alike. Email is on the website.

    Jasper Kerkau

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am deeply honored by your generous offer. Though I’m not sure that my work is of the polished caliber put forth by your epic band of writers i would nonetheless be inclined to humbly accept. Your kind words are appreciated so. Thank you for taking the time to both read and consider me in such ways. I actually just finished a poem that I would like to submit. How would I go about doing so? Should I refrain from posting it on my page? Please excuse my lack of knowledge on such things.


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