Breaching Fast the Dark Horizon

divergent blades of earthen skin
stretching to escape their reflection
run the length that given time
will find them in each other’s arms

for in that distance, life becomes them
gaining loss, the cost of knowledge
senses dulled to shine the surface
barely sealing in gray matter

searching for the songs that struck
the core of all desires adopted
haplessly stumbling headfirst
into the unknown symphony

every refrain holds its truth
that only retrospect can tell
present states confuse with purpose
phrases blur to stay the hour

culled amalgam worn to worn
each its own reflection’s mirror
marred by moments etched in stasis
paraphrased by remnants squandered

once; as all that never was
must collide and shape anew
where the paths now come together
time persists as non-existent

passages and wayward exits
bound by universal law
jumbled masses huddled so low
breaching fast the dark horizon


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