Let Me Tell of No More


like humankind
is truly
the cruelest

if not all too usual

like a challenger deep
i could have easily
inhabited the trenches
of the great mariana

if left to my own devices

in a steady stream
of entropic existence

this, is not to say
that my soul would not
seep through the fissures
absconding to hellfire
in iron-core iconoclasm

my chosen paths
are minded with honors
and badges

it’s the acclimatization
and the stayed deprivation
that stave off the gravest of fates

. . . to be stricken
with the malignancy
of minded emotion
in the spur of the moment

to. . . argh

to, ~ f e e l ~.

for when i do
dimensions cry, uncle

as my watery ways

shear gaping rifts
through the planes of perception

. . .

i dwelled in detachment

living tortuous death

every breath a burden anew

but at least i knew~

now, time has wrought trickery
upon my soul’s dispossession

and the distance which spans
amid consequent disparity

has displaced my consciousness
landing a final blow
upon all i have known

rent by the unspent
and festering
the influx of blustering
bombast so drastically
thrashing my breast

an impetuous
press against her lips

all the years of my life
have always belonged
to her

this, i know
will inhabit my bed of dirt
when i greet the insect hordes

but more than just this
it was the mistle-streaked
visage since sallow and sullen

the culminating of hearts

a lifetime flashed before me
in that briefest of respite

much like a comet streaks
through a burst sky

only now

had its tail ensnared
the pulsating mass
fresh from my chest

and thus it was shot to the sun
in an instant

and such elucidation
diffused forces known

as gravity left me
to fall back to earth

can tell
of the ghastly descent
whence i combusted
to dust
from the old familiar sphere
of atmos and mir

thunderous crashing
i plunged into depths
the source of eternity’s tears
ever felled

in an instant
they passed through me
like ghost particles

i can no longer abide
let me now stay my tongue

take my leave
for this grievance
shall venture no more

boring all
like the sting
has bored holes
where my eyes once beheld–

let me tell
of no more

[image credit: Tess of the Storm Country (1922) featuring Mary Pickford]

8 Replies to “Let Me Tell of No More”

  1. Every time I read a piece of your poetry I am amazed at how the words roll off the tongue. I have to read your work out loud to myself because I feel that that is how it should be. Your skill with words is awe inspiring and for that reason I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. I am not asking that you get involved, unless you want to, but at least this way I can share your blog.


    1. i’m just weird. see, cats are attuned to vibrational frequencies that coalesce in certain spots, often, involving a beam of sunlight shining through a crack in the curtains and such. these pocketed waves of energy act as a meditative and hypnagogic mechanism through which the cat can gain heightened healing abilities of their physical form as well as transcendental happenings of untold frolick. i kid you not. this shit is scientific.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow. That is interesting and I never knew that. Odd that you mention this, because just an hour or so ago, I was contemplating how music triggers emotions within us, more specifically how our bodies have a physical reaction along with an emotional response to certain songs. I was working out how that might be possible, and I was trying to formulate a theory based on vibrations and energy, etc. So, your cat story is instructive, in a way. Awesome. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. everything that exists consists of the vibrational frequencies of energy. and the charge of its polarities. but most likely we don’t even exist at all. cuz itz 4am again. damn. lol i’m lost af

          Liked by 1 person

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