Like a Deftly Sewn Death Shroud Secured

Bereft; lay my heart upon ocean’s floor
Forever once wandered from her lips
Now eclipsed in shadowed solitude
Indiscernible, such impetus gives way
Allaying the allure of erstwhile spirit
Spent; things rent yet remain
As plain as ivory iridescence upon desolate eve
In gloaming, elucidation ensues
Expanding our minds in the umbral embrace
Essences escape in eager entreaties
Erupting like flames from chasmal cliffs
Arriving at the altar of fated farewell
Felled like forests denied deponent
Enduring etchings bespeckle this quarry
Quietus gathering as dust fills void
Raging resilience now recoiled
Bravado that bellowed and burned
Spurned reason, inquisition ever looming
Like a deftly sewn death shroud secured

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