Dimensions Suspended

let us
wrap this timeless

in the crux
of a defiant embrace

fires of faceless

a deathless fear
giving chase

to gaze upon these
dimly scattered spectacles

hung marooned
ruins moored to a distant past

with each stilted second

the stoics standing
in between two endings

as our thoughts
entwine the skies as arabesque

the vice
that was your touch
yet wrests me

though hollow shells
suffice not
of its loss

when gods prove once again
their state of madness

the heavens will descend
into our grasp

eternity shall turn to find itself
in dimensions suspended

Sweet Thing

sweet tea
ain’t got nothin’ on you
when it’s steamin’ hot
your kisses keep me cool

sweet potatoes
i’ll see ya later!
i love ’em a lot
but not as much as you

revenge is sweet
they say
but darlin’
you’re still sweeter
this, ya best believe

home sweet home
only if you’re there
there ain’t much to it
if i’m all alone

short and sweet
is where it’s at
cuz darlin’
ain’t nobody got time for that!

sweet dreams
fallin’ from the heavens high
when comes the evenin’
and i close my eyes

[image credit: Louis Wain]

As I

i thought about writing
a suicide note

what it will say
if anything

to whom it will be addressed
if anyone

what each person will think
if anything

most people
will never find out

there is no cause for alarm

we are here

we are gone

i have no wish
to see the sun

i know what role this life permits me

only in death
is freedom found

i do not need to be remembered
to be free

. . .

i love you.

i love you like a dying star
loves a midnight sky
through eyes of innocence

the wrath of time’s restraint
it paints the moon
as i lay silent

casting off abandoned scars
and erstwhile sentiments unsung

in shadows of our truths untold

let me not spiral
into such hollow affectations

of this entropy transposed

so grave is its disparity
in remnants
left behind

written on walls
in exile unseen

to the aftermath

with nothing
to say

we languish
in our broken idyll

so duly run its course

as i

What Jesus Does

why is Jesus so obsessed
with taking off his shirt in public?

yes, we get the point, you’re hawt
and everyone on earth knows of this

i suspect it might involve
his recent passion for “manscaping”

ever since it started
it would seem the bathroom’s always taken

i don’t think he realizes
i can hear his clippers buzzing

surely, he must be aware
of all the errant remnant fuzzies

i always assumed that vanity was not
befitting of him

but i guess humanity
has turned him into what he wasn’t

dousing himself with exotic oils
that claim to be essential

donning denim cut-offs
and a righteous tan most evidential

spending all his time
down at the Gold’s gym in West Hollywood

if he wasn’t Jesus
i might think he was up to no good

i’m not sure, but every time the lepers call
he says he’s busy

even banking at the church
no longer gets him in a tizzy

perhaps the weirdest thing of all
i stumbled in on yesterday

as he was practicing some moves
to music sounding somewhat gay

of course, there’s nothing wrong with this
it’s just that i had no idea

though i might have guessed
when he suggested i could be his beard

really, it makes perfect sense
for such potential lies in all men

everybody knows just what the extra “f”
means next to “best friend”

no, i don’t mean cigarettes
but if you’re offering, i’ll take one

what i meant was fornicating
for it’s the human condition

Jesus, just like any man
is free to flaunt his epic body

and if he should choose to
hook-up with a slew of hirsute hotties

all the power to him
for this also is my main intention

next time Jesus goes to Rage
i think that i might have to join him