Existence Remiss

lo, i know naught but an ignorance dire
inflicted upon those who dare court my ire
possessing scant patience for due diligence
i have no inclination to sate precedence
for all that i see is a world which devolves
revolving around me with heedless resolve
to suffer such consequence not born of my realm
indolent irreverence is a relic unsound
so profound is this bliss some might call it profane
still i’m bound to persist as they wither in vain
from the slithering stress steeped in sorrowful waves
such a grave indignation of conscience enslaved
abhorrent abomination i deign piteous
seeking sordid salvation of scorn hideous
sisyphean sell-outs diseased and distraught
such boolean fallout finds fools ever-fraught
with frivolous fears ere their failings forsooth
the fate of their frail bed of tears ailing truth
entailing an entropy expeditious
extrinsically linked to existence remiss

A Polar Divide

a polar

e’er pervades

this wavering visage
of sinuous veil

the restive wrath
of breathlessness


the freeing influx
of fire’s adorning

with impassioned plea

and sordid rationale

a brashness
with lunar ashes

but sooner
harken voices

with wretched dissonance

in monochromatic

distant reflections
to toil the time

where heart’s
divergent dwell

the wells of hybris
beget weeping stone

by the lurching
of earth’s tormented

release me
to discordance

This Latent Lament

your words
are the sinister fire
that burns
through holes
in my head

with thoughts
that forever conspire
to spurn the unheard

i look to your kingdom
of ire
to learn
of my lost relevance

with hope
i may someday
from churning
this latent lament

the days
of conflict
and desire
were earned
but would never
be spent

this love
once so fervent
and dire
returns now
to fine

[Photo: Mary Pickford]

Final Frame

i awaken
into dream

the essence so precise
a place
i know so well
it seems

this feeling
permeates every aspect
of my being

where i can
never again
to be

time has turned


for the life
of me

i cannot
discern disparity


my conscious mind
soon finds
the glass rift

as what was once
life shifts

the past
sight amiss

all is ripped
from this fervid grasp

in that fleeting
final frame

of perfect



stay thy heart’s undying truth
lest ye distort thy solaced soul
pray not beset the muse that moves thee
flourish as thy wish unfolds
from this ruin rise anew
dare embrace its fiery wrath
giants harken skies rebirthed
to grant us credence on our path

Our Illusion

i framed
our illusion

with fleeting peals
of idealized

a restless zeal

lavishly adorning
lucid visions

so obscenely ornate

the great daydreamers

beneath clouds
of shamble

wept shadows

without shame

That Explains It…

I attempted to write a brief explanation detailing the significant factors relating to the creation of this meme.  Sadly, it’s an issue of such gravely enormous magnitude that before I knew it, I had already written pages with no foreseeable end in sight.  I shall continue to work on that but in the meantime, here’s the meme.  The actual photograph is one of my all-time favorites. Enjoy!

With Pen In Hand

Pensively, with pen in hand
I seek to speak this heart’s demand
In verses vetting no avail
Dispersed through endless paper trails
The flames of amorous subdue
Proclaimed in clamor since imbrued
In rumination brewing long
From luminescent springtide song
Frustrations thrust upon this mind
Soon turn to dust all in due time
As lost laments gather to die
‘Til one day come a weather eye
In search of words to mend the wound
Unearths the tome that tends this tomb
These tales eternal then retold
In vales of vernal life once known
For all things past must yet return
As falling glass from stardust spurned

“If You Like Leonard Cohen & Tom Waits, You Will Love Scutty Lee.”

Scutty Lee – “Carmen”


Scutty Lee is a beautiful man.  He is a dear friend of mine.  His talents are boundless.  Please take a moment to check out his incredible music.  I promise you will be glad you did.