• extremely avoidant
  • aversion to phone calls
  • unlikely to look into any message at all
  • prone to anxiety
  • penchant for privacy
  • predisposition: opposed to society
  • not quite so punctual
  • known to procrastinate
  • at times oblivious, otherwise obstinant
  • occupation: caprice
  • title: musical geek
  • long-term goals: n/a (unless you count world peace)
  • ever the optimist
  • magnet for narcissists
  • pardon the statement above, for it was remiss
  • idealistic to a fault
  • salty when comes the dawn
  • arbitrarily likes to say the word “megatron”
  • dubious prosody
  • rife with verbosity
  • derelict student of wayward philosophy
  • foremost, a feminist
  • forever agnostic
  • wields a peerless kris resolved to lop penises
  • over-obsessive mind
  • male ego: left behind
  • strives for a vigilant kindness (most of the time…)
  • clearly, a kitty cat
  • dare never question that ↑↑↑
  • name: maximillian – though, laymen just call me max



One Reply to “Submission”

  1. The values we’d, assigned ourselves to, sometimes, due to our personalities (that’s the nature), and sometimes, due to the outside influences we receive externally (and that, would be the “nurture” part of that “equation”)…


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