“Why” Chromosome

“Y” chromosome
why can you not see?

you far more resemble
a minuscule “v”

a majuscule “Y” in no way reflects
your number of genes in contrast to “X”

and certainly, size by no means does compare
as “X” is five times that of what you declare

as far as genes what have you sixty at best?
where “X” has a thousand as science attests

your content, redundant

to mutation, weak

with exacerbated rates of entropy

as long as we’ve possessed the ability
to gauge your small size you’ve been yet dwindling

why oh “Y” must you trample and pout
mother nature knows best when to take the trash out

when its primary function becomes detrimental
no time can be wasted waxing sentimental

and if you should find yourself wondering why you’ve been exed,
“Y”, some questions deserve no reply

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